World of GLOCK: a new website

GLOCK - the world-wide known gun manufacturer from Austria - is showing its large product range of polymer pistols on a newly designed website. The Internet image of the company is now much more modern and is implemented above all in a fully-responsive design for mobile devices.

What can you find on the new GLOCK website?

The "Safe Action" guns from GLOCK are considered to be the most famous short weapons in the world. With the GLOCK 17, company founder Gaston Glock launched the first successful polymer frame gun on the market. But now GLOCK has so many different models on offer that it is not easy to find the right model that suits your needs.

GLOCK pistols are available in 7 different calibers (including .45 G.A.P Glock Automatic Pistol caliber), 6 different sizes (Standard, Compact, Subcompact, Slimline, Competition and Long Slide) and special variants.

All of these models can be found on the website in the guns overview section. We counted that GLOCK shows 52 pistol models in the overview. Other 14 models are training variants and only for official use by officials or licensed trainers.

Overview of the new GLOCK website
An overview from the pistol section of the new GLOCK website (screenshot of the new website).

You can view all the models individually, even in 3D. You can also see the relevant technical data such as dimensions, weight or magazine capacity. Below, the website will also show you the original GLOCK accessories for your selected gun.

If you are looking for a GLOCK gun, the GLOCK Buyer's Guide will give you a good overview and make a purchase decision easier.

New GLOCK website: gun technology explained

The Safe Action System of the GLOCK pistols is almost legendary. But what exactly is there behind this? The company's new website is dedicated to the technologies of popular polymer pistols.

What does make a GLOCK gun safe? What does 4th generation (Gen4) mean? What is a MOS configuration and which guns have these? The answers to these questions and many more interesting facts about the GLOCk pistols can be found in the Technology section. For example, you can find information about slimline models, pistols with compensators, or colored polymer frames.

GLOCK Technology section of the new website
In the Technology section of the new GLOCK website, you will find interesting information on the polymer pistols (screenshot of the website).

The World of GLOCK on the new website

Of course, GLOCK other articles can't be missing on the website. Here the company shows the entire clothing and accessories collection for the passionate GLOCK shooter. An online shop is unfortunately not integrated, but with the practical "Dealer Locator" you will quickly find the nearest GLOCK dealer in your area.

Finally you will learn everything about the company and its history.

The new GLOCK homepage looks very nice. It is clear and you will find all the information about the world famous polymer pistols condensed on the site. Above all, we like the great overview of all available pistols.

The website is currently only available in English, but we have been told that German and other languages will follow soon.


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