New from GLOCK in 2017

The entire world of GLOCK was there to see: GLOCK 17R, GLOCK 17T, GLOCK 41 Gen4 in the quintessentially American caliber .45 Auto with the Modular Optic System (MOS), GLOCK 40 Gen4 MOS in caliber 10 mm Auto, GLOCK G42 in caliber .380 Auto, GLOCK 27 and 23 in caliber .40, and so on. 

Naturally, the company also presented a few GLOCK pistols in 9 mm Luger, still the most widely used pistol caliber worldwide. And besides these tried and true, reliable and high-quality guns, there were plenty of other aspects in the spotlight of this year’s trade show attendance.

GLOCK pistols in movies

GLOCK pistol from the film John Wick 2.
GLOCK showed some pistols in Holywood films at the SHOT Show : here the GLOCK TTI Combat Master.

GLOCK was particularly proud that Hollywood appears almost dependent on the Austrians to deliver suitable props for its movies. Arnold Schwarzenegger wielded GLOCK pistols in his blockbuster Sabotage, as did Angelina Jolie in the film Salt. 

The manufacturer set up a glass showcase at the expo to present two pistols used by Keanu Reeves in his lead role in John Wick 2, emphasizing this important aspect of it work. One of them was a GLOCK with TTI Combat Master Performance Package, a tuned GLOCK variant by Taran Tactical Innovations from Simi Valley, California.

The series models enjoyed pride of place at the booth, of course, among them a GLOCK 17 (9×19 mm) and a GLOCK 26 (9×19 mm). The manufacturer is particularly proud of these weapons. After all, why should American filmmakers pick GLOCK guns for their movies if they were not convinced of their quality, especially if one considers the huge selection of alternatives from the USA?

GLOCK-Shooting-Team at SHOT Show 2017

The GLOCK Shooting Team was another big crowd puller at SHOT Show 2017. Team Captain Shane Coley was flanked by the two delightful ladies Michelle Viscusi and Tori Nonaka. Here you can find the website of the team.

Shane was 14 when he started to shoot, and he soon realized that shooting would remain part of his life. Now his trophies – national and international – stand side-by-side in a very long row. 

Tori Nonaka was even younger than Shane when she first started shooting. Her initiation was on a range with her father, at the tender age of three. And by the time she turned 12 there was no stopping her. She too has racked up numerous national and international awards, among them her Silver Medal at the IPSC World Shoot 2014. 

GLOCK Shooting Team Captain Shane Coley at SHOT Show 2017
Shane Coley is team captain of the GLOCK shooting team.
Team GLOCK shooter Tori Nonaka at SHOT Show 2017
Tori Nonaka from the GLOCK shooting team gave us an autograph.

Michelle Viscusi was an MP with the National Guard when she became aware of her talent for marksmanship. Driven by an urge to improve, her results picked up steadily, culminating in her nomination for the GLOCK Team. These are just a few of the fascinating sports shooting tales that perhaps only GLOCK can tell in such variety.

GLOCK Slimline pistol at Shooting Range 
We tested some MOS models of slimline pistols GLOCK before SHOT Show 2017 at the Industry Day at the Range.
We tested the GLOCK MOS
With the Modular Optic System from GLOCK the shooter always has the best view on the target.
Team GLOCK at SHOT Show 2017
The GLOCK Shooting Team from left to right: Michelle Viscusi, Shane Coley and Tori Nonaka autographs.

So it’s obvious: GLOCK is more than just a brand. GLOCK is an attitude and a way of life, expressed concisely in just two words: Precision and reliability.

We are on tenterhooks to see whether GLOCK might just whip something new out of its hat for the IWA 2017.

Further information about GLOCK gun models can be found directly on the company website.

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