GLOCK Gen5: G17 and G19 now on the market!

The almost 10 million pistols that have rolled off the assembly lines in the now 35 years of production demonstrate that GLOCK models pretty much guarantee sure-fire success.

But the launch of a new generation is always a milestone. Several factors explain GLOCK’s persistent success: the handguns are reliable, powerful in several calibers and sizes, and affordable as well. It’s a concept that many other manufacturers would gladly replicate. Generation 4 came with a number of ergonomic changes, for instance a replaceable back strap to suit different hand sizes or a reversible magazine catch. So it’s fair to say that we’re all curious to see what GLOCK will improve in the Generation 5.

Let’s take a closer look at the brand-new GLOCK Gen5 and go through the new features one by one:

New front strap: Progress through omission?

GLOCK pistol G17 Gen5: side view
The brand new GLOCK G17 Gen 5 from both sides. The ambidextrous slide stop is an eye-catching feature.

Buyers opening the black polymer case will first see the usual assortment with four different back straps (including two sizes with extended beavertail), a reserve magazine and a cleaning kit. But it is immediately noticeable that the gun itself does without the finger grooves that were celebrated as an ergonomic evolution in 1998. Not every user has the right finger thickness to match the front strap, so now the gun will lie better in the hand, especially as the front section of the grip now fits better with the structured surfaces of the sides. 

But the frame has other new features to offer: there’s also an internal funnel on the magwell, which gives the side panels a slight outward flare. The orange follower – designed to indicate when the magazine is almost empty, even in poor light – catches the eye immediately in the empty magazine. 

Magazine funnel of the GLOCK pistols models G17 Gen5 and G19 Gen5
All of the Gen5 models by GLOCK come with a magazine funnel to make reloading easier and certainly a bit faster.

Another new feature is the ambidextrous slide stop lever, which makes the gun easily operable for lefties and righties. But the improvement goes beyond a custom feature for left-handed shooters; it’s just as handy in modern shooting training, which usually requires the weapon to be operable with both hands at any time. 

Sights: Many users were not totally happy with the sights on the current GLOCK generation. But now it comes with a substantially more generous light gap between the front and rear sights, substantially improving the sight picture, even in murky lighting. 

The GLOCK Gen5 barrel has also changed: It was reworked and now goes by the name of GLOCK’s Marksman Barrel (GMB), which the manufacturer claims will guarantee better accuracy. 

New surfaces: Last but not least, the Gen5 versions have a new surface that – again according to GLOCK – is far more durable. The jet-black finish is called nDLC and is apparently far more resistant to corrosion and scratching than its predecessor generation. 

The larger GLOCK G17 and the more compact G19 are now on sale from September on in Europe as Generation 5. Other models will follow successively. 

GLOCK pistol G19 Gen5: side view
The GLOCK G19 Gen 5 is bound to appeal to shooters who prefer smaller guns. Compact dimensions, but still enough firepower with a 15+1 magazine.

GLOCK G17 Gen5, technical specifications and price:

Model:G17 Gen5G19 Gen5
Caliber:9 mm Luger9 mm Luger
Magazine capacity:17 rounds15 rounds
Back strap:Polymer back strap with steel insertsPolymer back strap with steel inserts
Slide:Steel, nDLC-coatedSteel, nDLC-coated
Barrel, barrel profile:114 mm, GMB hexagonal

102 mm, GMB hexagonal

Rear sight:White edging, 4.3 mm notchWhite edging, 4.3 mm notch
Front sight:Post sight with dot inlay – 3.8 mmPost sight with dot inlay – 3.8 mm
Sight radius:164 mm*152 mm*
Safety:3 (inside)3 (inside)
Trigger system, pull*:
Safe Action with partially tensioned 26 Newton* system

Safe Action with partially tensioned 26 Newton* system

Total weight (incl. magazine): 716 grams*680 grams*
Extras:Polymer case, spare magazinePolymer case, spare magazine
Price: 759,- Euro759,- Euro

*Manufacturer’s information

The opinion on the two new GLOCK Gen5 models

New logo GLOCK 19 Gen5 pistol
GLOCK Gen 5: a new logo that we’re bound to encounter more frequently in the future.

If you were to describe the new GLOCK Generation 5 models in just a few words, then the claim “improving a proven system” would probably fit best.

The Glock 17 Gen5 sells for € 759, and  the Glock 19 Gen 5 is priced at € 759.-

Price differences in your contry could be part of  national sales policies and VAT in Europe. Please ask your local gun-shop for the actual price in your country.

For more information about the GLOCK Gen5 models, please visit the the manufacturer website. 


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