GLOCK G17 and G19 Gen4 FS: review of the Limited Edition Pistols

The Austrian handgun manufacturer GLOCK has responded to the clamoring of customers and fans and released a limited special edition. The G17 Gen4 FS and G19 Gen4 FS models now come with front serrations on the slide.

We took a closer look at both G19 Gen4 FS (FS stands for “front serration”) models and put them through their paces on the range.

GLOCK Pistole mit vorderen Laderillen
The GLOCK limited edition models G17 and G19 Gen4 FS have serrations at the front.

Review of the GLOCK G17 and G19 Gen4 FS pistols in caliber 9 mm Luger

Many pistols by other manufacturers come with these front serrations as standard features. They look good and now give the GLOCK 19 an even more professional look.

What are the benefits of front serrations?

GLOCK FS beim Durchladen
A quick yank was all it took to cycle the GLOCK FS pistol with the front serrations.

Obviously the slide now has more grip. It’s easier to cycle the weapon and takes less effort. We gave it a go: the serrations improve purchase noticeably. It’s far simpler to rack the slide, even with wet or clammy hands. The front serrations are particularly helpful when speed is of the essence, as the shooter will feel the grip, whether at the front or the back. And it’s a great way to deal with chambering problems on-the-fly.

Shooters simply clasp the front serrations and pull the slide backward. It also allowed us to check the chamber after each shot.

Besides the front serrations, the GLOCK FS limited editions have an extended slide stop lever and a larger mag release for easier and more convenient operation with the thumb.

The GLOCK limited editions performed exactly the same as the G17 Gen4 and G19 Gen4 versions in the shooting test. The shot groups with GECO 9 mm Luger FMJ bullets were tight.

GLOCK Pistole im Schuss
The limited edition GLOCK G17 and G19 FS performed the same as the Gen4 pistols in the shooting test.
Streukreise der GLOCK Pistole
The shot groups for the GLOCK FS with GECO 9 mm Luger FMJ ammo.

Round-Up of the GLOCK FS Limited Edition review

The GLOCK G17 and G19 Gen4 FS limited editions come in a hard case with two magazines. The mags take 17 rounds for the G17 and 15 for the G19. Replaceable grip panels and a loader are also included.

Vordere Laderillen der GLOCK Pistole
The GLOCK FS models have eye-catching front serrations.

We found the front serrations on the limited editions great, simply from a practical perspective. But the zealots among the GLOCK fans could be forgiven their skepticism, as the serrations change the overall look of the familiar polymer pistols. GLOCK has kept the design of a GLOCK pistol more or less unchanged for decades, so any weapons enthusiast would immediately recognize the guns from far away.

That aside, we really took to the modifications in the GLOCK G17 and G19 FS. The benefits are immediately obvious. But we can’t help but think that GLOCK could have waited till the 5th generation of the pistols to add front serrations. After all, the new Gen5 models were launched just 4 months later.

These models are certainly a good choice for anyone looking to buy a GLOCK. What’s more, special models and limited editions trend to preserve their attraction and value as well.

GLOCK Pistole im Koffer
The GLOCK G17 and G19 Gen4 FS models come in a hard case with spare mag and replaceable grip panels.

Visit the manufacturer’s website for more information about pistols by GLOCK.

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