GLOCK Experience Partner Program – Test all models at your dealer's shop and share your GLOCK experience for our competition where you can win a G44

GLOCK has been offering the Experience Partner Program since 2015. With the GLOCK Experience Partner Program you as a customer and potential buyer of a GLOCK pistol now have the opportunity not only to receive expert advice – you can even test and compare the new models in detail on the shooting range under guidance and with support. This will give you a real impression of your new gun, you can try out different models and calmly decide which one suits you best.

Shooting with GLOCK pistols
Take advantage of the GLOCK Experience Partner Program now!
GLOCK Experience
Follow, link, comment and share our contribution or share your "GLOCK Experience" and get the chance to win a GLOCK 44 in .22 LR

Entering our GLOCK 44 competition as part of the GLOCK Experience Partner Program

Of course this also offers you the opportunity to take part in our GLOCK 44 competition! Because one of the ways to win is to use the GLOCK 44 Target and share a photo of it and a GLOCK pistol as your "GLOCK experience" on our social media channels.

For the test shooting you will usually go to a 25-m gun stand near one of the participating dealers. There you will meet GLOCK experts certified by the manufacturer who will help you in word and deed.

To do this, dealers first go through an internal selection process in which they must meet a wide range of quality requirements – only then is the dealer allowed to use the "GLOCK Experience Partner" signet. So you can be sure that the advice you receive is righ

These are the GLOCK Experience Partners:

Are you looking for a GLOCK Experience Partner? No problem. In Germany, France, Italy, Finland, Belgium, Austria, Czech Republic and many other countries you'll have the opportunity to try out your new GLOCK pistol on the shooting range at selected partners.

You will find a constantly updated list of the respective partners with the help of the GLOCK Dealer Locator.

Due to different and changing regulations regarding business openings in different countries during the Corona pandemic, we strongly recommend to make an appointment with the respective GLOCK Experience Partner in advance.

An overview of the complete range of GLOCK pistols can be found at:  

The team of wishes you a lot of fun and success in choosing and testing your new pistol!

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