GLOCK Anniversary in the USA

GLOCK founder Gaston Glock expressed his gratitude to all of the shooters and dealers that motivate him and his staff every day by saying, “(…) We cannot thank you enough for your trust and your support. It is what drives us every day.” Situated just outside Vienna, Gaston Glock began his career back in 1963 with polymers and metals. The Austrian company GLOCK Ges.m.b.H. was founded in 1981. Glock established GLOCK, Inc. 23 years later in the USA, without knowing what a phenomenal success the decision would prove to be.

The Beginnings: GLOCK Anniversary in the USA

When the polymer pistol was invented, the Glock model was – quite naturally – the first polymer pistol seen on the American market. A unique material at the time, production required fewer stages than for steel or aluminum. But Americans were initially skeptical: A pistol made of plastic? Won’t they just slip through metal detectors? The polymer pistol inventor Gaston Glock, or “Mr. Glock” as he’s known, was able to calm American nerves: metal detectors would continue to sound the alarm, as each pistol is fitted with an indispensable steel element to guide the slide. So the factory started producing the soon-to-be top-selling Glock pistols in the USA at the unbeatable dealer price of just $360.00 and a recommended retail price of $560.00, which was significantly cheaper than comparable small caliber firearms. This and the cost-efficient manufacturing process ensured profit margins of up to 60% – three times higher than the usual industry returns, which at the time were already extremely high!

30 Years of GLOCK in the USA: The Milestones

1978GLOCK celebrates its first major success with the G18; the G19 and G17L models are released just a year later, followed shortly by their second generations
1989Over 2,000 American police officers already carry a GLOCK service firearm
1991The GLOCK Sport Shooting Foundation is founded
1995The first concealed carry models G26 and G27 take the American market by storm
1998The third generation of GLOCK pistols is introduced; these pistols are equipped with an additional rail to enable mounting of various accessories
1999GLOCK presents its two-millionth pistol at the SHOT Show in Atlanta
2004GLOCK introduces the .45 G.A.P. caliber
2007GLOCK breaks the record: over five million pistols sold worldwide
2010The fourth generation (Gen4) of all familiar models is launched on the market
2014The new models G42 and G41 conquer the market
2015GLOCK develops the Modular Optic System (MOS) for the models G34 Gen4, G35 Gen4, G41 Gen4 and G40 Gen4

Now, anno 2016, 30 years after the American subsidiary was founded, Glock pistols are included in the basic gear assigned by government agencies to over 65% of all law enforcement officers. Gaston Glock and his quest for perfection in design, engineering and manufacturing has made these pistols the yardstick by which all others are measured.

30 Years of GLOCK in the USA: 30 Unique Pistols for Special Individuals

Glock St. Paul PD Edition
30 years of GLOCK in the USA: The Saint Paul Police Department has supported the company from day one.

To mark the 30th anniversary, GLOCK commissioned five of the world’s best engravers to design 30 custom specimens of G17 pistols. GLOCK dedicated these exclusive pistols to exceptional individuals and organizations as a mark of its highest esteem. A certificate, signed personally by Gaston Glock, is enclosed with each of these G17 pistols. The 30 handguns will be presented, auctioned or included as prizes in competitions over the course of the year. GLOCK is using these unique firearms to express its thanks to loyal customers, employees and supporters in the USA.

Look our complete photo gallery with all anniversary pistols here below:

GLOCK 3point5 Edition
GLOCK 17 3point5 Edition
Glock AUSA Edition
GLOCK 17 AUSA Edition
GLOCK 17 CMP Edition
GLOCK Cody Firearms Edition
GLOCK 17 Cody Firearms Edition
GLOCK 17 COPS Edition
GLOCK Employee Edition
GLOCK Employee Edition
GLOCK Fan Edition
GLOCK 17 Fan Edition
Gaston Glock Edition
GLOCK 17 Gaston Glock Edition
GLOCK ID Edition
GLOCK 17 GSSF Edition
GLOCK Gunny Challenge XII Edition
GLOCK 17 Gunny Challenge XII Edition
GLOCK GunnyTime Edition
GLOCK 17 GunnyTime Edition
GLOCK 17 HAVA Edition
NRA Show Edition
GLOCK 17 NRA Show Edition
GLOCK 17 NSSF Edition
GLOCK Perfection Dealer Edition
GLOCK 17 Perfection Dealer Edition
GLOCK Safety Pledge Edition
GLOCK 17 Safety Pledge Edition
GLOCK Shoot Like A Girl Edition
GLOCK 17 Shoot Like Girl Edition
GLOCK SHOT Show Edition
GLOCK 17 SHOT Show Edition 2016
GLOCK 17 SOC-F Edition
GLOCK 17 SOWF Edition
GLOCK 17 SSSF Edition
GLOCK Stocking Dealer Edition
GLOCK 17 Stocking Dealer Edition
GLOCK ST Paul PD Edition
GLOCK 17 ST Paul PD Edition
Team GLOCK Edition
GLOCK 17 Team Glock Edition
GLOCK 17 TWAW Edition
GLOCK 17 USPSA Edition
GLOCK Warranty Edition
GLOCK 17 Warranty Edition
GLOCK Young Marines Edition
GLOCK 17 Young Marines Edition

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GLOCK presented the Glock 17 M.O.S and Glock 19 M.O.S. for the European market at the IWA 2016.

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