New extended magazine for the Glock 42 pistol

First showcased earlier on this year, the .380 ACP caliber Glock 42 semi-automatic pocket pistol is the smallest gun ever manufactured by the famous Austrian gunmaker. Warmly received by the international markets, the Glock 42 has been conceived as a defensive concealed carry pistol for personal defense, and as an undercover/off-duty/back-up handgun for Law Enforcement personnel.

A new extended magazine for the Glock 42!
The official factory flyer for the Glock 42 six-rounds extended magazine

This highly acclaimed subcompact piece has its drawbacks, though, most notably a small grip, way too small and uncomfortable for large-handed shooters.

Now, GLOCK Ges.m.b.H. partially addresses both problems by launching the GLOCK G42 magazine with extension (Glock item no. 33519).

The Glock 42 magazine with extension sports an extended floor plate that enlarges the grip of the G42 pistol, making it more comfortable to handle.
The new extended magazine is made out of metal and covered by a polymer coating, like all Glock magazines. The single stack magazine capacity is 6 rounds.

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