GLOCK 19X: the new 9mm pistol in “Coyote Tan”

The well-known Austrian manufacturer GLOCK already introduces the new GLOCK 19X on its official website before the big SHOT Show 2018. However, this eye-catching polymer frame pistol in "Coyote Tan" color will be presented to the public on January 22, 2018 - the start of the SHOT Show.

GLOCK 19X, features and characteristics

The GLOCK 19X makes it clear at first glance that it is the coveted civilian version of the MHS model due to its sand-colored frame and slide. In 2017, GLOCK had sent a service pistol into the race for the US Army's "Modular Handgun System" competition. We reported and tested the GLOCK 19 MHS here.

The civilian version of the GLOCK 19X pistol
The new GLOCK 19X is the civilian version of the service pistol designed for the US Army's MHS tender.
Right side of the G19X pistol from GLOCK
The G19X is the first pistol from GLOCK to have a factory colored slide.

For the first time, GLOCK now offers with the G19X a colored nPVD surface coating on the slide. The finish is made especially for the military and therefore it's very durable and protects against corrosion.

The polymer frame pistol combines the full-size G17 frame with the compact G19 slide, providing plenty of firepower in more compact dimensions.

On the grip of the GLOCK 19X the user immediately notices that the finger grooves are missing. These have disappeared with the new and ergonomic design of the Gen5. That's because not all have identical hands and thus the same finger width. This ensures a better handling for the shooter.

Praiseworthy is the removal in the G19X of the ambidextrous manual safety of the MHS model. In the sophisticated, internal safety system with three independently operating mechanisms, it represented a technical nonsense. In particular, the gun should be ready for use and fire immediately, without the user having to deliberately operate additional controls.

Moreover, the G19X has unique features like a classic lanyard ring on the grip bottom. In addition, the gun is equipped with an ambidextrous slide stop lever.

The barrel of the G19X has been revised. The new "GLOCK Marksman Barrel" (GMB) was designed as part of the tender for the US Army. It should have a higher accuracy potential than the previous GLOCK barrels thanks to its polygonal rifling.

The large full-size frame offers a high magazine capacity. The GLOCK 19X comes with 3 magazines: a standard 17-round magazine and 2 extended 19-round magazines. All magazines are the same “Coyote Tan” color of the pistol.

9mm Luger GLOCK G19X: conclusions

The new polymer frame GLOCK 19X was developed for the military and is thus extremely reliable. It does exactly what the shooter wants. The pistol went through tough reliability tests and is always ready for use in harsh climatic conditions.

We have already tested the service pistol model GLOCK 19 MHS ourselves. We thought it was one of the best pistols GLOCK ever made. As for the GLOCK 19X, this model will be available to the civilian market from January 22, 2018. 

Unfortunately, we can't give any information about a possible price of the G19X. Whether and when the model will be launched in Europe remains to be seen.

The GLOCK 19X pistol is just one of the new products from GLOCK at the SHOT Show 2018. Here at we will show you other new products from GLOCK as soon as they are presented to the public in Las Vegas (USA) on January 22nd.

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