New "Carry Optics" shooting discipline: Testing the GLOCK 17 and GLOCK 19 M.O.S. pistols

Glock Pistol G19 MOS
The additional MRDS adds little to the dimensions of the GLOCK G19 Gen 4 M.O.S., allowing it to fit into most carry accessories for standard models

Traditionally, it has been the major players in dynamic pistol shooting who have provided a great deal of impetus for today's "standards" in the gun industry. But as USPSA President Phil Strader said, this was the first time the American association was following a trend triggered by the industry. 

With "Carry Optics", the USPSA offers a new interim weapons category. The reason is clear: An increasing number of serially produced polymer frame pistols in 9 mm Luger now come with factory-equipped mounts for mini red dot sights (MRDS) on the slide. 

Particularly prominent examples include the GLOCK M.O.S. series, the Smith & Wesson Military & Police MP9 C.O.R.E., and the Walther Q5 Match.

The "Carry Optics" shooting discipline in detail

Basically, this discipline is a variation of the "Production Division", which currently has the most number of participants in the international IPSC sphere. This is because the same pistol brands and models are also approved for the new USPSA Carry Optics category. The major difference here is the mini red dot sight on the upper surface of the slide.

Glock Pistols
GLOCK MOS models: at close range, greater speed is achieved in some cases with the use of mechanical sights than with a MRDS for the same degree of accuracy — for seasoned marksmen at least. Ultimately, however, it is a question of routine

According to USPSA rules, a Carry Optics pistol with a magazine capacity of 10 rounds is not to weigh more than 35 ounces (992 grams). The permissible internal/external modifications (polishing of small parts, spring replacement, sights) correspond more or less to the rules for the Production Division. Gunsmiths may use OEM slides and barrels when building a Carry Optics pistol if their dimensions and contours correspond to those of the original. 

Weight-reducing milling work on the slide is permissible if such work is performed by the pistol manufacturer during series production. Special "Race Gun" competition holsters are of course forbidden. It will be interesting to see how the equipment stands up to harsh IPSC conditions. In particular, the optics are subject to enormous stress on the rapidly moving slide. 

GLOCK 17 M.O.S. and GLOCK 19 M.O.S.

GLOCK's "Modular Optic System" (M.O.S.) allows mini red dot sights to be mounted on the upper surface of the pistol's slide with the use of adapter plates. After showcasing the "long" sports pistol models G34, G35, G40 and G41 in the "Modular Optic System" (M.O.S.) configuration at the IWA 2016, GLOCK presented the "classic" service pistols: the G17 Gen 4 MOS and the G19 Gen 4 compact version in 9 mm Luger in the MOS variant.

Tino Schmidt with Glock Pistol
It is particularly at long distances and/or with difficult target media that a MRDS is able to really shine. Shown here is caliber editor and 4-time German IPSC Production Master Tino Schmidt in action with the GLOCK 17 Gen 4 M.O.S.

The G17 Gen 4 M.O.S. satisfies all requirements of the USPSA Carry Optics weapons category to a T. The back portion of the slide between the rear sight and the ejection port were milled out in order to be able to mount one of the four included adapter plates for various mini red dot sights. 

We got the chance to try out the pistol models GLOCK 17 Gen 4 MOS and the compact model GLOCK 19 Gen 4 MOS. 

Video: Glock G17 and G19 Modular Optic System (M.O.S.) 

GLOCK 17 M.O.S. and GLOCK 19 M.O.S. - Conclusion

The GLOCK 17 MOS and Glock 19 MOS pistol models have adapter plates that allow mini red dot sights to be mounted on the slide. The United States Practical Shooting Association (USPSA) offers a new shooting sports discipline for such pistols — the "Carry Optics" category. In our opinion, this points towards a bright future for dynamic pistol marksmen.

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