FN 509: the new 9mm service pistol from FN Herstal

Only a few days ago we presented the new, extremely compact assault rifle SCAR-SC in 5.56x45 mm NATO designed by the Belgian FN Herstal. The company is now introducing its new FN 509 service pistol at the MILIPOL trade fair in Paris.

Features of the FN 509 pistol

How could it be different today? The FN 509 is a striker fired, polymer frame pistol with a Browning-Petter locking system chambered for the 9 mm Luger (9x19) caliber. It weighs 1.66 / 2.10 lb (753/957 grams) unloaded / loaded, it is a full-size service pistol and has the typical barrel length of 4" (102 mm) and a magazine capacity of 17 rounds.

FN 509 service pistol, left side
The FN 509 is a striker fired, polymer frame pistol with a modified Browning-Petter locking system.

The grip backstraps are interchangeable for adaptation to different hand sizes. The frame and slide have non-slip surfaces. The magazine catch, slide-release and safety catch are designed for fully ambidextrous operation.

There are two FN 509 versions: with and without manual safety. The 7.4” (188 mm) long pistol also has a visible and tactile loaded chamber indicator and fixed luminescent sights with a 3-dots system.

FN 509 service pistol: conclusions

In the field of service pistols not much has happened at FN Herstal lately. The FN P90 submachine gun or the already mentioned SCAR assault rifle are world famous and popular among many special forces. Many forces also use the FN MINIMI as a light machine gun. But in the handgun range, the Belgian defense company has only the FN FIVE-SEVEN MK2 pistol in its own caliber 5.7x28 mm in the race. The new FN 509 pistol in the popular 9 mm Luger caliber will thus become a serious competitor in the large market of service pistols.

Quite simply, FN Herstal had to be in this segment

The FN 509 service pistol, side view
The barrel is 4" (102 mm) long. Sights are fixed, with a 3-dots system. Backstraps are interchangeable.

With the P320 from SIG Sauer and various possible models from GLOCK and Walther, these markets are highly competitive. Arsenal Firearms also expects opportunities here and will also be presenting the new STRYK B polymer gun at Milipol 2018, at the RUAG stand - the STRYK B also sports the  "AF Speedlock" locking system in which the barrel of the weapon does not tilt like in the Browning Petter system.

Priced in the US at 649.00 USD (around 553 euro, excluding taxes) the new FN 509 is already hitting the vendors' shelves.

For more information please visit the FN Herstal website.


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FN 509 pistol

Technical specifications

FN 509 service pistol, right side

FN Herstal
TypeType Automatic pistol
Caliber9x19 (9mm Luger)
SystemShort recoil, modified Browning locking system
17 rounds
Barrel length
102 mm
Fixed 3-dots
Total length
188 mm
753 g (empty with inserted magazine)
Optional manual safety