CZ-75 Tactical Sports Orange practical shooting pistol

CZ-75 Tactical Sports Orange
CZ's latest practical shooting pistol debuted at the 2015 edition of the IWA expo, last March

One of the latest new products from the Czech-based Česká Zbrojovka A.S. company − the CZ-75 Tactical Sports Orange semiautomatic pistol − is now being distributed on the international civilian/commercial markets, closely following its official debut, which took place last March at the 2015 edition of the IWA OutdoorClassics expo in Nuremberg (Germany).
Specifically conceived for training and competition in practical or dynamic shooting specialties, the CZ-75 Tactical Sports Orange represents yet another proof (if one was ever necessary, that is!) of how the Browning locking-based semiautomatic pistol design conceived by Josef and František Koucký for CZ still remains a great alternative forty years after its first launch. A solid platform, the CZ-75 design is currently used as a basis for service, defensive, tactical and competition shooting handguns manufactured by a plethora of companies, in the widest array of variations, both in the Czech Republic and all over the world.

CZ-75 Tactical Sports Orange
A slightly modified version of the earlier "Tactical Sports" model, the new CZ-75 "Tactical Sports Orange" pistol will be available in 9x19mm, 9x21mm and .40 Smith & Wesson calibers

The CZ-75 Tactical Sports Orange semiautomatic pistol can be considered as some sort of "hybrid" in the CZ product line, as it integrates features from several previous and highly successful variants of the CZ-75 line, mostly conceived for IPSC/USPSA sport shooting − and even more specifically, for the demanding Open division.

A Tactical Sports series pistol, the new CZ-75 Tactical Sports Orange comes with a machined stainless steel whose design borrows more from the CZ-75 TS Czechmate than from the standard "Tactical Sports" model, and features a left side-mounted installation bracket for optics mounts. The bright orange machined light aluminum alloy grip panels are reminiscent of the CZ-75 SP-01 Shadow Orange pistol, while the light alloy "Jet Funnel"-type quick-insertion magwell buttplate located at the bottom of the grip is a feature reprised from the CZ-75 TS Czechmate Parrot model, albeit available in black rather than in a bright green color.

The grip of the CZ-75 Tactical Sports Orange features redesigned front and rear checkering textures for a firmer grip and better shooting comfort, as well as a high-profile magazine release catch.

CZ-75 Tactical Sports Orange
The new CZ-75 "Tactical Sports Orange" pistol is visibly distinguished by the bright orange machined aluminum grip panels

The CZ-75 Tactical Sports Orange semiautomatic pistol is 225mm long overall, and comes with a 130mm long barrel that is cold-hammer forged out of a different, more durable alloy steel if compared with other CZ barrels. The barrel and the entire slide assembly are hand-fitted to the frame and adjusted by some of Česká Zbrojovka's best craftsmen, ensuring tight tolerances, stability and accuracy. The single-action only trigger system, also featuring a frame-mounted manual safety, is also manually adjusted for competition-ready performance.

The machined steel slide comes with front and rear serrations and hosts a rear sight that's fully adjustable for windage and elevation and a 1mm front sight with a fiber-optic insert; both are supplied by the well-known Italian LPA company.

The CZ-75 Tactical Sports Orange also comes issued with several interchangeable recoil buffers − synthetic inserts to be installed at the end of the return spring rod.

The CZ-75 Tactical Sports Orange weighs 1.27 kilograms and is available in 9mm (9x19mm Parabellum, 9x21mm IMI) and .40 Smith & Wesson calibers. The pistol feeds through double-stack sheet metal magazines with a bright orange buttplate; maximum capacity for both 9x19mm and 9x21mm tops 20 rounds, dropping to 17 rounds for .40 Smith & Wesson.

Interested customers should inquire with their local gun shop or with their closest, authorized CZ dealer or importer for availability and pricing. Contact CZ directly to inquire about their representatives, importers or dealers in your Country

CZ-75 Tactical Sports Orange
The CZ-75 "Tactical Sports Orange" represents Česká Zbrojovka's latest, best offering to the most demanding competitive sport shooters in IPSC/USPSA disciplines
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