The Colt Cobra, an unexpected return in .38 Special!

There was a time when for gun enthusiasts, if you said Colt you meant a revolver with a serpent’s name such as the Python, which remains perhaps the most famous modern revolver to this day, the Cobra, Viper, Diamondback, King Cobra and Anaconda, the last produced by Colt in chronological order, that went out of production in 2006.

Colt Cobra: barrel and drum

It seemed that the gun maker from Hartford (USA) had abandoned this sector for good, but not so; at the SHOT Show 2017 Colt presented a revolver with a 2-inch barrel amongst its new products, bearing the name of the original, but this is where the similarities end as the new Cobra has been completely redesigned. With a .38 Special chamber and the option of using +P (high power) cartridges, it’s made completely of satin finish stainless steel. The grip is quite far back, which gives you better control over muzzle rise, and it comes with Hogue Overmoulded rubber monogrips. 

Colt Cobra: trigger system and fields of application

The new LL (Linear Leaf) trigger system guarantees a smooth trigger pull with crisper percussion. The weight of the single action trigger is 1.8 kg, and the double action 4 kg. The cylinder takes 6 shots, one more than similar models from competitors. The rear sight is fixed and ground directly out of the body, while the front sight has a fibre-optic insert, which is apparently the only plastic part on the gun. A front sight with a Trizio luminous insert is also available as an option. The Colt Cobra is intended as a hidden carry for personal defence or as a professional backup, a market which in the USA is still selling strong. 

The new Colt Cobra: technical data at a glance

Caliber: .38 Special +P

Capacity: 6 rounds

Trigger: Single Action or Double Action

Trigger pull: 1,3 - 1,8 kg SA, 3,2 - 4 kg DA

Barrel length: 5,08 cm / 2’’

Overall length: 18,28 cm / 7,3’’

Weight (empty): 708g / 25oz

List price in the USA is 699 dollars.

For more information, please visit Colt website.

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