Canik Mete: from Turkey, a new line of 9mm pistols

The new line of Canik Mete semi-automatic pistols in 9mm Luger caliber have all the features that today are essential on a pistol designed for sport shooting or personal defense, starting from the current trend – that is, the possibility to mount a mini-reflex sight on the slide milling co-witnessing with the iron sights. 

The Canik Mete SF in the version featuring a Tungsten finish slide
The Canik Mete SF in the version featuring a Tungsten finish slide. The barrel is 4.08”/103.5 mm long.

Other features shared by all models in the series include the fiberglass-reinforced polymer frame, interchangeable backstraps, oversized trigger guard with straight front finger rest, loaded chamber indicator, nickel-plated firing control components and an integral accessory Picatinny rail. 

This is a striker-fired pistol, with automatic safety on the trigger. The differences between the various models essentially are in the length of barrel and grip, and consequently, the use they are intended for. 

Canik Mete, from full-size to sub-compact

Let's start with the full-size model, mainly intended for sport shooting, i.e. the Mete SFx, which features a 5.2”/132 mm long barrel. All the controls have been redesigned (starting from the slide stop) and placed on both sides of the gun. The only non-ambidextrous control is the magazine release, which is however easily reversible. The steel slide sports lightening cuts in the front section and allows the mounting of mini-reflex sights with Trijicon RMRcc and Shield RMS/RMSc imprint. The polymer frame has been modified in the grip spur area to make it more ergonomic. A characteristic of Canik pistols is that they are sold with a rich set of accessories that includes a holster: the one that comes with the Mete SFx is defined "Fit-and-Lock" and has a high level of retention. The Mete SFx is shipped with an 18-round magazine and a 20-round magazine with extension and pad. This model has no external manual safety.

The Canik Sub Mete, the sub-compact gun here in PRO version
The Canik Sub Mete, the sub-compact gun here in PRO version, with standard Tritium sights and threaded barrel for suppressor mounting.

Going down in size we find the Mete SFT model that shares all the features of the previous model, except for the length of the barrel, which is 4.4”/113.5 mm. We then move on to the Mete SF model, a more compact version designed essentially for concealed carry and fitted with a 4.08”/103.5 mm long barrel. The frame is more compact, with a shorter grip that still allows the use of a double-stack magazine with a capacity of 15 rounds in caliber 9 Luger. The weight of the gun with empty magazine is 26.28 oz/745 g. The company's website states that this pistol is also available in .380 ACP and .40 Smith & Wesson. This model is available with either standard sights with white dots or TRU-Glo sights with Tritium inserts. The list of novelties concludes with the Sub Mete model, a sub-compact gun with a 3.6”/91.5 mm barrel designed both for concealed carry and as a backup pistol for security operators. Equipped as standard with a 12-round double-stack, it can be fed with 15 and 17-round magazines. This version is also chambered in .380 ACP and .40 Smith & Wesson. The weight is 24.5 oz/695 g. The slide is blued on all models, but a Tungsten PDW finish is also available on models intended for concealed carry. The PRO version of the carry models is distinguished by Tritium sights as standard and a threaded muzzle that allows for suppressor mounting.

The new Canik pistols are will be tested soon here on – so, stay tuned. Official prices have not yet been announced.

Canik Mete pistols specs

Sub Mete
9mm Luger    
9mm Luger    
9mm Luger, .380 ACP, .40 S&W    
9mm Luger, .380 ACP, .40 S&W
Barrel Length:  
5.2”/132 mm 
4.4”/113.5 mm 
4.08”/103.5 mm 
3.6”/91.5 mm
Magazine Capacity: 
20/18 rounds
20/18 rounds 
15 rounds
12 rounds
30 oz/850 g 
28.74 oz/815 g 
26.27 oz/745 g 
24.51 oz/695 g
Optics Ready:
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