Cabot Guns Black Diamond

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Cabot Guns Black Diamond
The Black Diamond model is slated to replace the Rangemaster in Cabot Guns' products line

The most faithful ALL4SHOOTERS.COM followers should now be familiar with the Cabot Gun Company LLC. brand; we covered this small and yet dynamic Pennsylvania-based gunmaker in the past, both in trade shows reports and by publishing more in-depth news about their products.

A Penn United Technologies company, Cabot Guns is managed by Rob Bianchin and works in a niche field − manufacturing extremely high-grade 1911-type semi-automatic pistols for concealed and open carry, self defense, sports shooting and collection.

Their pistols are often addressed to as "beyond custom", as they offer custom-grade − and often, even more advanced − features and performances right out of the box. Of course, this means that they come at a price: Cabot Guns' "cheapest" handgun is sold for a little less than 5000 US$.

Cabot Guns Black Diamond
Yet another perfectly crafted Cabot Guns product, the Black Diamond pistol will feature the Company's signature hand-polished blue finish

They may not be for everybody, but the price level corresponds to the technical and workmanship levels embodied in the Cabot Guns' 1911 pistols.

Despite − or thanks to! − the high technology levels mastered by the Cabot Gun Company, their 1911 variants are mostly hand-machined and hand-assembled by highly skilled gunsmith, and only the best available materials are used in their manufacturing.

It's too bad that their products are mostly not available in Europe, nor in many other Countries outside of the United States of America. Here at ALL4SHOOTERS.COM, we personally regard the Cabot Guns pistols as some of the best 1911 derivatives we've ever had a chance to see and to handle. Despite their high prices, they'd probably appeal a quite solid market niche wherever they'd be distributed.

Sure thing is: Cabot Guns 1911s offer an extremely high qualoty level for being defensive carry pistols. As a matter of fact, exception made for some particularly flamboyant creations, the pistols manufactured by this Pennsylvania company aren't meant to be kept hidden in a safe, but are conceived as tools a man or woman could bet his/her life on, and are made to last!

Cabot Guns Black Diamond
A high-grade daily carry pistol, Cabot Guns' Black Diamond model will feature G10 checkered grip panels

Some of the latest news from Cabot Guns concern one of the company's mainstays − the RangeMaster pistol − soon to be replaced in the Cabot Gun Company's production lines by a totally new, incredibly beautiful creation: the Black Diamond.

Cabot Guns' Black Diamond pistol is named after its unique shiny black blued finish, mostly hand-applied by the expert craftsmen at the Cabot Gun Company. But that'd just be the tip of the iceberg.

This beautiful semi-automatic, single-action .45 ACP pistol is shipped with one Cabot-made 8-rounds single-stack magazine, but is compatible with most single-stack 1911-type 8-rounds pistol magazines available out there as aftermarket accessories. The slide and frame are machined from a USA 4140 sourced billet steel, and are proprietary-hardened and hand-polished.

Most manufacturing steps − CNC machining, jig grinding and surface grinding, and EDM wire and sink − are closely monitored by the expert Cabot Guns workers, despite the fact that those technologies would allow the company to run the manufacturing procedure completely unattended.

Cabot Guns Black Diamond
Yet another great feature of the upcoming Black Diamond model: the Cabot Guns' signature TriStar trigger

The Cabot Guns Black Diamond pistol sports a black 5-inches "National Match"-grade fitted barrel and Cabot's own design bushing. Another Cabot unique feature to be found on the Black Diamond pistol is the black TriStar trigger, that comes with a knurled front pad on a rounded and radius pattern.

Hand-polished feed ramps and lowered and flared ejection ports will ensure maximum reliability and minimum FTF and FTE risks on all Cabot Guns' Black Diamond pistols.

The Black Diamond model will come equipped with a 16.5 lb. Wolff variable recoil spring mounted on a guide rod that sports an engraved star on the front, plus it will feature a right-hand mounted manual safety lever − an ambidextrous safety being available as an optional − a hand-polished beavertail grip safety and a beveled and chamfered magazine well.

Other features include: 20 LPI front strap checkerings, precision machined rear slide serrations, G10 grips, a Rozic front blind sight with a tritium dot-shaped insert and a Low-Mount adjustable rear sight with a double dot-shaped tritium insert.

Cabot Guns Black Diamond
Left-handed shooters may order a Cabot Guns South Paw pistol to be custom-built with Black Diamond specs and parts

The Cabot Guns Black Diamond pistol has been available for delivery in the United States starting February, at a manufacturer's suggested retail price of 5,950.00US$.

Accessories to be sold with the gun − but ordered and paid separately − include a Spinal stingray belt holster − going for 450.00US$ − or a Spinal stingray over the shoulder holster and magazine carrier, that goes for 1,400.00US$.
Left handed shooters also have the possibility to order a South Paw 1911 − Cabot Guns' own "mirror", or "inverted", 1911 variant, specifically conceived and built for lefties − and have it set like a left-handed Black Diamond model, with the same features.

Perspective U.S. buyers may now download the order form to place their order, or join the Cabot Guns mailing list for future updates; 2014 delivery is still available, but only for a limited time: there already is a long waiting list for this jewel!
There's not much that non-US buyers can do, unless they live in a Country that's covered by the Cabot Guns import network. If that's the (lucky) case, well, they'd better start saving, because Cabot Guns has much more than just the Black Diamond cooking in the oven for the near future!

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