Brand new: Walther CCP in 9 mm Luger available now

It’s no surprise to people who know their stuff: Carl Walther, the richly traditional German company founded in 1886, has always set standards in pistol engineering, rewriting the history of weapons with the release of the Walther PP in 1929 and the Walther PPK pocket pistol in 1931. In these timelessly elegant classics, Fritz Walther introduced the world to revolutionary engineering features such as the double-action trigger with connected automatic hammer-drop safety. 

This was the first mechanism that enabled the loaded weapon to be carried safely while maintaining swift firing readiness. So any succeeding generations of pistols by this illustrious manufacturer are following in fairly large footsteps and are faced with a daunting task to live up to expectations. The latest CCP scion (CCP stands for ‘concealed carry pistol’), which interestingly is produced in Arnsberg and not in Ulm, created waves at international weapon shows, above all because it’s a little different to the other offspring.

Brand new: Walther CCP in 9 mm Luger
The Walther CCP compact pistol in 9x19 with polymer frame, DAO trigger and gas-delayed blowback.

Innovative: the Walther CCP comes with a gas-delayed blowback

Unlike the mainstream of modern polymer frame service pistols, which almost exclusively build on the flush-locking Browning system, the Walther CCP operates based on the principle of gas-delayed, retardant blowback. This locking system, patented by Joseph Destree as a ‘reaction piston system’ as far back as 1931, graced legendary automatic pistols such as the full-size Steyr GB from Austria or the more compact squeeze cocking Heckler & Koch P7 pistol from Germany. It permits a rigid barrel (offering added precision compared with movable barrel system), which in the case of the Walther CCP is 90 mm in length and comes with a dodecahedral polygon inner bore.

Brand new: Walther CCP in 9 mm Luger
The Walther CCP, stripped to show the individual components. The rigid barrel essentially offers greater precision compared with systems with movable barrels
Brand new: Walther CCP in 9 mm Luger
This sectional diagram shows how the Walther CCP works

The recoil spring encloses the barrel, which – unlike the HK P7 barrel – manages without gas relief bores in the chamber to help eject the case. Besides outstanding functional reliability and special features to improve shooting behaviour (including an extremely low muzzle deflection), the new Walther CCP also lies extremely comfortably in the hand.

The particular engineering of the system means that the recoil spring is more slender than usual, which is noticeable in all standard manipulations and during loading and unloading. This is a very important quality to throw into the ring, especially for the targeted main sales market in the United States. 

After all, residents in almost all of the 50 federal states are entitled to carry a handgun as a means of self-defence, in most cases concealed. 

The firearms sector on the other side of the big pond is registering record-breaking growth in the sale of handguns to women, and there are more than enough people looking to carry arms at a more advanced – and less physically able – age. So it seems more than sensible to offer a particularly easy-to-use defensive pistol in a high-performance 9 mm Luger calibre.

Brand new: Walther CCP in 9 mm Luger
Walther CCP engineering features: the piston connected to the barrel in the muzzle section...
Brand new: Walther CCP in 9 mm Luger
... and the heat shield in the receiver

DAO: turning out just fine …


… In a literal and figurative sense, as Walther created the double action only double action only (DAO) with pre-set striker in a trigger system mechanically engineered without any torque whatsoever. In our test weapon, the DAO trigger with short first stage travel showed average trigger pull of 2874 grams (measured using the digital trigger pull gauge by Lyman). The manual safety fitted to the left side of the polymer frame mechanically disconnects the trigger to ensure deactivation. The Walther CCP, which naturally comes with an internal hammer/drop safety also, can only be dismantled when decocked. The special tool enclosed with the weapon must always be used to do this. Here, the slide is pulled back a few millimetres, and the tool is inserted into the firing pin channel; then the slide is drawn upward and separated from the receiver.

Brand new: Walther CCP in 9 mm Luger
The wieldy pistol Walther CCP in a high-performance calibre comes with a light-coloured slide made of stainless steel...
Brand new: Walther CCP in 9 mm Luger
... or with a dark slide with Cerakote finish

A 3-dot sight is perched on the upper side of the slide on this wieldy compact pistol. Both sight elements are made of polymer. The front sight is screwed on, and is supplied in three sizes, different in height, to accommodate any changes in ammunition. The rear sight is laterally adjustable. The dimensions of the sighting this elements match those found on the Walther models P99, PPQ and PPS, which ensures convenient use of optional accessories such as the tritium sighting system (when allowed).

Brand new: Walther CCP in 9 mm Luger
A particular feature of the Walther CCP is that it needs a special takedown tool...
Brand new: Walther CCP in 9 mm Luger
... It is inserted into the firing pin channel on the rear of the slide to separate the slide from the receiver
Brand new: Walther CCP in 9 mm Luger
Interestingly, the Walther CCP is manufactured in teh German city of Arnsberg and not as usual in Ulm
Brand new: Walther CCP in 9 mm Luger
Gleaming surfaces of the action on the Walther CCP
Brandneu: Walther CCP in 9 mm Luger
Exploded view drawing of the Walther CCP

The Walther CCP is available exclusively in calibre 9x19, optionally with a bright stainless steel slide or a black slide in Cerakote finish.

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Walther CCP at IWA 2014

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