Beretta Fusion Black: the special edition of a classic pistol

Beretta Fusion Black case
Beretta Fusion Black: The custom-made Carbon fiber, leather and walnut case.
Inside the Beretta Fusion Black case
Inside the case od the Beretta Fusion Black you’ll find the pistiol, a spare magazine and the cleaning brush.

The Beretta Fusion Black is a 92/98 pistol, but it must not be confused with the standard 92/98 model. 

Although the action and mechanics are almost identical, the attention to detail on this gun make it more similar to top-of-the-range fine guns than to a standard model from stock production. Starting with the case, we see it is refined and flashy enough to be immediately recognizable, but still does not cross the line into being gaudy. 

The hard Carbon fiber case is emblazoned with the Pietro Beretta badge and inside it is lined in black leather. This was the kind of case that was used for a pair of matching pistols and called a “French Fit” case. 

Accessories in the Beretta Fusion Black case
The case od the Beretta Fusion Black includes a cleaning brush with a carbon fiber handle that can also be used to remove the grips.

The internal stitching is done by hand using a thread in a contrasting color. 

The case also contains the pistol, a second magazine, a special screwdriver for the grip screws made of Carbon fiber, and the cleaning kit with a brush. The handle is also made of Carbon fiber. The tools fit well into the case and there’s also a metal plaque with congratulations for the purchase of the Beretta Special Edition model. 

The steel plaque is photoengraved with the serial number of the pistol and it also bears the autograph of Franco Gussalli Beretta, the president of Fabbrica d’Armi Pietro Beretta SpA. The case has a combination lock and the handle has a premium quality walnut insert, which at first glance looks too lovely to be the left overs of a walnut block of a rifle. It instead appears to have been especially selected.

Engraving on the right side of the slide on the Beretta Fusion Black 
The name "Fusion" is highlighted in gloss on the right side of the slide of the Beretta special edition Black.

This Special Edition pistol is all black, but various shades of black have been used as well to create a very special look.

These tones range from Carbon fiber to the deep black of the polished parts, the matte black of the satin-finish parts and the dense pattern of the ebony element in the grips. The Beretta emblem has been engraved using a hammer & chisel technique. 

The screws that hold the grips on the frame are in two different tones, gloss and matte and a special screwdriver had to be made for them. It is black too, as it is made of Carbon fiber.

Above sight of the Beretta Fusion Black
You can see the different gloss and satin-finished parts when looking at the Beretta Black Fusion from above.

All together the weapon displays the meticulous attention to detail that balances a combination of technology and innovation, including both technological precision and fine finishes applied by hand that have been made famous both among fine Italian shotguns as well as luxury shotguns in general. 

These two worlds are not always easy to combine and hence the name Fusion: the complete unification of the various elements of design.

The Beretta Black Fusion Edition has been produced in a limited series of 120 guns, of which 80 will be exported, chambered in the universal 9 mm Parabellum caliber (9x19), while the 40 models produced for the Italian market are chambered in 9x21 IMI. 

The custom Beretta Fusion Black magazine
The Beretta magazine customized with the “Fusion” logo. The 9x21 version holds 15 shots, while the 9 mm Para (9x19) version holds just 10.

The 9 mm Parabellum magazine is designed for the American market in particular, proving that it’s a small world after all, since it has its capacity limited to 10 shots.


A side effect of the Italian laws is, that it allows for 9mm pistols only the specific version 9x21 IMI, which will naturally be produced in smaller numbers than those to be exported. Due to the reduced size of the Italian market - compared to the global markets - the rarity of these Italian models makes them become a much sought-after collector’s items.

This is especially true in the case of the Beretta Fusion, which was designed with the collector in mind (or maybe the rare shooter who does not mind getting a few scratches on the impeccable finish) as the Italian caliber version has only been produced in a limited edition of 40 guns. Different serial number codes distinguish the two calibers, from FUSB01N to FUSB80N for the international version and from FUSB01F to FUSB40F for the IMI version. 

Silvio Zavaglio
Silvio Zavaglio, from the Beretta Gallery shop in Milan, shows the all4shooters-team a Beretta 98 Fusion Black handgun.

As mentioned above, the design of the Fusion Black is almost identical to that of the 92/98 and there are just a few differences. The Fusion has a full steel frame and it is slightly larger around the barrel to make room for the handmade carbon fiber insert. 

The barrel, screws, pins and even the magazine release have all been polished by hand. The release, like the slide and the front part of the trigger guard, is characterized by exclusive chequering the tips of which have also been polished to a mirror finish. 

The mechanisms are the time-tested short recoil–operated mechanism, with a oscillating wedge locking system. The difference is in the trigger which is only single action to improve the shooting experience. 

This Fusion Black pistol, with its selected barrels and a hand-tuned trigger is extremely accurate and produces a pattern that is half the size of what you would expect from a military standard pattern (when adding the results of the two dimensions). 

Every pistol of the Limited Edition has been tested by Beretta experts. After purchasing it, the owners can register their new pistol at a special website and receive their own digitalized target.

The left side of the Beretta Fusion Black 
The two side views of the Beretta 98 Fusion Black handgun. Here you see the left one.
The right side of the Beretta Fusion Black 
Here comes the right side view of the Beretta 98 Fusion Black Special Edition pistol.

Visit the manufacturer’s website for more information about the Beretta Fusion Black

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Beretta Fusion Black

The right side of the Beretta Fusion Black 

€ 10.000
Fabbrica d'armi Beretta
Model Fusion Black    
TypeSemi-automatic handgun
Caliber9x19 (80 guns) and 9x21 
UseCollection and competition  
Geometric oscillating wedge  
1285 mm   
Magazine capacity15 shots (10 shots in 9x19 version)
137 x 217 x 38 mm    
Weight (unloaded)945 g   
Custom carbon fiber case  
€ 10.000