STRYK B pistol in 9mm: the first test

One of the biggest questions was of course: What is this pistol meant for? The answer from its makers: it has been designed for high performance both as a sports pistol as well as for use by the authorities, whereby the main emphasis is on the former. 

That leads us to the next interesting question: Why does the market need yet another polymer pistol in caliber 9 mm Luger? In the case of the STRYK B, this can be answered relatively easily: it features qualities that are not yet available on the market in this combination.

Hence, the manufacturer describes the STRYK B as a premium polymer pistol, and has simultaneously launched the new website, where visitors can read interesting background information on its origin and on the collaboration between Arsenal Firearms and RUAG.

STRYK B pistol from Arsenal Firearms and RUAG
The new premium pistol from Arsenal Firearms and RUAG Ammotec: the STRYK B is attractive for shooters as well as for operational forces.

What makes the STRYK B special?

Due to its design, the new pistol has the lowest bore axis on the market, resulting in lower muzzle rise. The trigger on the STRYK B is straight and designed specifically for sports shooting. The texture on the grip has been oriented against the direction of movement of the pistol, ensuring a secure grasp. In addition, a special coating process (QPQ-Tenifer) is used, which protects all external steel components such as the slide, barrel and trigger. 

Muzzle of the STRYK B pistol
Located on the front of the weapon is a fixed post sight with a red fiberglass rod.

The front grip serrations and the cocking serrations on the rear section of the slide give the pistol an unmistakable appearance. Furthermore, the new AF-Speedlock is also used in the STRYK B. This lock ensures that the barrel does not tilt during cycling, but instead makes linear movements. 

But these are just facts that you might have already heard and read from a variety of sources. We have already reported about this. But how does the STRYK B feel in real life?

STRYK B: Technical data

The stripped pistol STRYK B 
The stripped pistol. The easy handling aims to make it easy to quickly rectify malfunctions.

The dimensions of the STRYK B are impressive. With a length of under 20 centimeters, a height of 13 centimers and a width of 3.5 centimeters, the gun feels great in the hand. The weight of just over 800 grams (with empty magazine) is well-distributed and balanced. 

The magazine release button can be moved from the right to the left of the gun without tools and in just a few steps. The pistol has fixed sights featuring a rectangular rear sight and a red fiber optic sight. In addition, the sights are also compatible with aftermarket Glock solutions. 

The locking of the single-action-only (SAO) firearm takes place via a vertical breechblock. Furthermore, the STRYK B also features a trigger safety and an automatic firing pin safety. The takedown lever can be moved quickly and easily. The trigger pull according to the TriggerScan measurement device is around 2.3 kg, which is typical for firearms in this segment. Overall, the STRYK B made a positive impression. Its price in Germany is €899.

Arsenal Firearms STRYK B
Caliber:9 mm Luger
Magazine capacity:15 + 1 rounds
Barrel length:109 mm
Rifling:6 grooves, right-handed
Sight line:164 mm
Trigger weight:2.283 g
Dimensions (L/H/W):193 x 130 x 35 mm
Weight:794 g
Price:899 Euro
Polymer pistol STRYK B from Arsenal Firearms
The new STRYK B is full of innovative technical details and characteristics.

The test procedure of the STRYK B pistol

The editors went to the 25-meter range to test the pistol with live rounds. Shooting was done from a seated position resting on sandbags. The reviewers determined the muzzle velocity with the help of the LabRadar doppler radar. Because the STRYK B is also meant to be used as a sports pistol at the range, the reviewers also determined the minimum momentum required by the German Shooting Sport and Archery Federation (DSB) and the IPSC factor. 

Rear sight of the STRYK B Pistole
The rectangular rear sight with lateral drift is located in a swallowtail and can be replaced with aftermarket GLOCK solutions.

About the ammunition used: at the end of the test, the GECO Hexagon factory load with its 124 gr round emerged at the top of the list, with a group size of 62 millimeters – not bad at all for a polymer pistol. The STRYK B tested did not experience any feed jams and fired flawlessly with all ammunition types tested.

Test results: Arsenal Firearms STRYK B in 9 mm Luger

Nr.AmmunitionSK (mm)v0 (m/s)E (J)MIPFactor
1124 grs GECO Hexagon
2115 grs PPU JHP64349454260132
3123 grs Fiocchi FMJTC79331437264134
4124 grs Sellier & Belot FMJ
5115 grs MaxxTech FMJ

STRYK B: test results and conclusions

The low bore axis does indeed result in perceptibly lower muzzle rise when shooting. Thanks to this, the STRYK B remains comfortably and securely in the hand even when firing rapid shot sequences. Where the trigger characteristics are concerned, the weapon from Arsenal Firearms is in the upper range of what other manufacturers offer. 

Triggerr of the STRYK B pistol
The trigger features a short reset path of just 2.5 millimeters. The design aims to make possible rapid and precise shot sequences.

Compared to most pistols from competitors, the STRYK B has a much lower reset, allowing for much more rapid shots in succession. The texture of the grip provides sufficient purchase without cutting into the hand while shooting. The cocking serrations machined into the rear and front third of the slide should provide sufficient grip even during rough operating conditions.

The sights on the STRYK B – consisting of a rectangular rear sight cut into a reflection-reducing hatched plate and a front post sight outfitted with a red fiber optic rod – provide a high-contrast image when aiming and allow rapid acquisition of the target.

Overall, the new polymer pistol proves to be well-thought-out and high-performance. With its unmistakable characteristics such as the futuristic design, it will most definitely appeal to the target clientele of young and dynamic sports shooters.

For more information, please visit the manufacturer’s website.

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