STRYK B: new 9 mm pistol from Arsenal Firearms USA

STRYK B polymer framed pistol for sports shooting.
The compact STRYK B pistol is designed for fast and precise shooting sequences. It is particularly suitable for sport shooting.

Let’s start with a first impression: the brand new Arsenal Firearms STRYK B has a really well-designed, eye-pleasing exterior. But there is more to it than meets the eye. The true innovations are hidden below the surface. Designed especially for competitive shooting and rapid controlled fire the STRYK B is the descendant of the Strike One.

The unique AF-Speedlock locking mechanism keeps the 4.3” barrel in a straight line allowing only linear movement and locking by the way of a vertical lever, thus limiting muzzle climb.

All outer metal surfaces like action, barrel or trigger are nitrocarburized (tennifer) for increase wear and corrosion protection. 

The equipment of STRY B

STRYK B pistol with a firm hold while shooting
STRYK B from Arsenal Firearms: the special texture in grip area guarantees a firm hold.

The STRYK B’s magazine holds 15 rounds. The mag release is not truly ambidextrous but can be changed from left to right without tools in a split second. The fiberglass reinforced polymer frame has a specially textured grip. The so-called “gripmapping” places the texture perpendicular to the firearm’s movement guaranteeing a firm hold. This mapping is also applied to the slide making one-handed operation a breeze.

All outer metal surfaces like action, barrel or trigger are nitrocarburized (tennifer) for increase wear and corrosion protection. 

Technical specs of the Arsenal Firearms STRYK B:

Girl holding the STRYK B polymer framed pistol from Arsenal Firearms USA
The striking design of the extremely compact polymer framed pistol STRYK B from Arsenal Firearms immediately catches your attention.

The STRYK B weighs in at 840g unloaded. It has an overall length of 193mm and is only 35mm wide. While primarily developed for competitive shooting this innovative polymer framed pistol also appeals as a duty or carry pistol. The Manufacturer promises a significantly reduced barrel climb and excellent handling characteristics.

While currently only prototypes exist, we hope to be able to test the first pre series production models by February 2017. 

The release date for the North American as well as European markets and prices have not been published just yet. will keep you informed of any new developments. 

For more information, please visit the Arsenal Firearms website.

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