Yukon Pulsar new products for 2017

Forward F digital NV attachment
Yukon Pulsar introduced many new products at IWA 2017. Pictured, the Forward F digital NV attachment.

Yukon-Pulsar introduced many new products at IWA 2017, showcasing the Trail and Helion line of thermal optics introduced at SHOT Show, a new budget conscious version of the Quantum thermal monocular -  the Lite, with a 22,5 and 30mm objective lens - and three new Digital Night Vision optics: the Yukon Sightline and Pulsar Digisight Ultra Digital NV riflescopes, and the Pulsar Forward digital clip-on front daytime riflescope attachment.

The new Yukon Sightline riflescopes

Yukon Sightline digital NV riflescope 
The new Yukon Sightline digital NV riflescope is a very affordable lightweight and compact device for hunters.

We will focus on the very interesting new Digital Night Vision products. First of all, the new Yukon Sightline riflescope. It is a very affordable lightweight and compact device, that integrates a focusable infrared illuminator on the right side of the optics body, built using a high strength polymer. The Sightline uses four AA batteries in a side loaded cartridge; the riflescope is mounted on the gun using a Picatinny rail mount. The sensor used is a 640x480 lowlight CMOS, coupled with a same resolution LCD minidisplay.

The Yukon Sightline offers built-in video recording function, and – first of all Yukon digital NV devices to offer it - the Stream Vision technology, which allows a IOS/Android smartphone to be connected to the device via WIFI and a specific app, and to stream images and videos directly to the phone/tablet, to Youtube  and also to control remotely the device.

Yukon Sightline N340RT Digital NV riflescope
The Yukon Sightline N340RT Digital NV riflescope with 940nm LED IR illuminator.

Available in two base versions, respectively with an objective lens diameter of 42 or 50mm and a base magnification of 5x or 7x, the Yukon Sightline features digital variable magnification up to 2x (so the models are capable of 5-10x and 7-14x). The built-in illumination can also be purchased in 940nm (N240RT and N340RT) and 850nm (N220RT and N320RT) LED light versions. The Sightline is IPX7 waterproof rated, and can withstand recoil from high powered calibers such as the .375 H&H. 

Pulsar Digisight Ultra Digital NV riflescopes

Women holding a Pulsar Digisight Ultra Digital NV riflescope
The new Pulsar Digisight Ultra Digital NV riflescope in the N250 version with 940nm LED IR illuminator.

The Pulsar Digisight Ultra is a premium segment Digital NV riflescope that shares many design features with the Pulsar Trail series of thermal riflescopes. It uses a similar tough and IPX7 rated composite polymer body and control panel layout, the same batteries, and the same, high quality quick release lever mounts for Picatinny rails. The B-Pack in the standard configuration offers up to 6 hours of operation; higher-powered IPS10 battery packs and CR123 and AA adapters are also available.

Two different interchangeable IR illuminators are available for the Digisight Ultra: a totally invisible 940nm LED unit, and a 850nm LED unit. Both mount to a proprietary socket on the left side of the NV riflescope.

Digisight Ultra from Pulsar
The Digisight Ultra is a perfect choice to replace both a dedicated NV and a daytime riflescope at once.

The Digisight Ultra also integrates a video recorder, with an 8gb built-in memory module, and the innovative Stream Vision technology. Three versions of the Pulsar Digisight Ultra are available. Both the N230 and the N250 are built around a high-resolution HD CMOS sensor, sporting a 1280x1024 pixel definition, that allows for excellent, full color daytime use as well; the Digisight Ultra can replace both a dedicated night vision and a daytime riflescope at once. The objectives are a 36mm7F1.2 and a 50mm/F1.4 respectively for the N230 and N250, with a top magnification of 8x (using 2x digital zoom).

The N350 uses a super sensitive 752x582 pixel CCD sensor, coupled with an impressive 50mm7f1.0 objective and a 640x480 AMOLED minidisplay – lower resolution, but double lowlight sensitivity! The boost in sensibility allows the N350 to have a range of detection of 600m, vs the 400 and 500m of the N230/250.

Pulsar Digital Night Vision Attachment Forward F 

Pulsar Forward F mounted on a Yukon Jaeger
A Pulsar Forward F digital NV front objective lens attachment mounted on a Yukon Jaeger 3-12x56 daytime riflescope.

Last but not least, the Pulsar Forward F digital NV front objective lens attachment to be used with daytime optics: the Forward F attaches to the front objective bell of the daytime riflescope or observation telescope by means of a specific mounting adapter (available separately) that can be used with a set of different diameter reducing rings and that mounts permanently on the daytime optics. The Forward F includes a eyepiece monocular unit which transforms the device in a handheld digital NV viewer with a 5x magnification.

Pulsar Forward with the LED IR illuminator
Pulsar Forward F digital NV front objective lens attachment with the mountable 940nm LED IR illuminator.
Pulsar Forward F 
The batteries used by the Pulsar Forward F are the same B-Packs used by the Pulsar Trail and Helion thermal optics, and the Pulsar Digisight Ultra digital NV scope.

The Pulsar Forward F is available in two configurations, differentiated by the objective lens (36mm/F1.2 or 50mm/F1.0) each further available in two variations, with a magnification of 1x or 5x, for a total of four models: F135, F155, FN135 and FN155. All models use a high quality CMOS sensor featuring a 640x480 resolution and frost resistant AMOLED minidisplay with the same resolution.

A totally invisible 940nm LED mountable IR illuminator is available for the Pulsar Forward F, and the same Stream Vision technology and built-in video recorder are integrated in the device.

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