Minox ACX300 Action Camera

Before talking about the Minox ACX 300 we must point out the following. When the GoPro camera was introduced to the market, no one would have believed that it would radically change the way people used videocameras and create a new product - just like the mobile phone did. It is thanks to this diminutive but high quality video camera, enclosed in a completely sealed container and able to operate in extreme environments, with vibrations, impacts and temperatures at the very limit of human endurance, that the "Action Cam" product today is used worldwide, in every field: professional video, sports, outdoor activities - even in the military (just think of the Tank battles videos in Syria).

Minox ACX300 Action Camera, front view
The Minox ACX 300 Action Camera.

It took very little time for this concept to be taken up by many other manufacturers, offering Action Cameras ranging from terrible to exceptional quality.

Today we test the Minox ACX 300, currently the flagship Action Camera offered by the German manufacturer, which also offers two other lesser cameras, the ACX 200 WiFi and ACX 101.

Features of the Minox ACX 300

The ACX 300 features a 1/2.3" Sony 12 megapixel sensor of excellent quality with a fast  f / 2.8, 7 glass element lens with 150° FOV and GYRO optical stabilization technology. The camera can shoot videos up to 3K resolution at 24fps, 1080p at 30 and 60fps, and can also shoot 720p Slow Motion at 120fps.

Minox ACX300 Action Camera, back view
The 2" TFT display is bright and reasonably sharp; too bad it cannot be used to playback the recorded video, Playback is supported in the Android/iOS app.

The ACX 300 also features a WiFi connection that allows it to interface with an Android / iOS app on a smartphone or tablet to control functions remotely and to playback the recorded video.

Included in the box we find a wristband remote control that allows the user to start and stop shooting videos and photos.

The ACX30 is powered by a rechargeable 3,7V lithium ion battery and saves photo and video on a standard MicroSD (to shoot in 3K resolution we recommend using MicroSD with a class 10 or U1 speed rating).

 Minox ACX300 and a MicroSD
The Minox ACX300 needs a MicroSD with a class 10 or U1 speed rating to save 3K video correctly.
Minox ACX300 Action Camera and its rechargeable battery 
The battery used is a rechargeable 3.7 V / 1000mAh Li-Ion cell. Fully charged, it powers the action cam for up to 90 minutes.

The Action Cam will normally be used with the included IP68 waterpoof rated and fully transparent polycarbonate case, with a flat dive window (for underwater scuba shots down to a depth of 30m) and a GoPro-compatible mount to take advantage of the immense amount of aftermarket accessories available.

Minox ACX300 Action Camera with protective transparent case
The protective transparent case is certified IP68 and completely waterproof down to -30m depth.
Minox ACX300 Action Camera and closing clasp
The closing clasp in strong and very positive in operation.

Among these accessories, we personally suggest the use of either one of the various Picatinny interfaces for mounting the ACX 300 on any firearm equipped with a rail (including handguns!) or a rubberized clamp to mount it directly on a shotgun or hunting rifle's barrels.

Operation is quite intuitive: the Minox ACX 300 only features three buttons and a rather spartan on-screen menu, from which the user can choose video and photo settings and the wifi configuration for remote connection with the smartphone app.

A negative note is due to the fact that it is not possible to playback recorded media directly on the 2" TFT display of the action cam, it is only possible to do it through the smartphone app; the display is used only for framing the scene and configuration.

Minox ACX300 Action Camera and accessories
The Minox ACX-300 Action Camera includes a 2,4GHz wifi wristband remote control, one battery, Scuba waterproof case, manual, and a small selection of mounts.
Minox ACX-300 Action Camera and a some firearms used to test it.
The Minox ACX-300 Action Camera and a couple of the firearms used to test it.

Testing the Minox ACX 300 Action Camera

Quality is excellent; 3K resolution is available at 24fps, while 1080p FHD is available at both 60 and 30fps. 120-fps Slow - Motion is available in HD at 720p.

Photos are shot at 12 MP. The images are well defined, with good contrast and excellent colors; even in non-optimal light conditions (in the shadows or once the sun has set) the ACX 300 does not exhibit excessive noise.

We tested it mounted on a selection of firearms of different caliber, as well as mounted in Point Of View configuration; even with the toughest guns - from the recoil point of view,  such as the 11" barrelled FABARM STF / 12 pump action shotgun, using full loads-  the ACX 300 hasn't dropped a single frame.

What else, better than words, can give an idea of the performance of the Minox Action Camera? But, of course, the video we shot with it; and, believe it, we've had a lot of fun!

To sum it up, the Minox ACX300 Action Camera is a very good Action Cam that is offered for an affordable price that is absolutely in line with its features, performance and quality.

For more information please visit Minox website.

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Minox ACX300 Action Camera, front viewFranco Palamaro

€ 199.00
ManufacturerMinox, Germany    
TypeAction Camera
Lens7 optical elements, 150° FOV Super Wideangle, F:2.8 (roughly equivalent to a 5mm focal length on a DSLR 35mm)
Focusfixed, from 50cm to infiniy
Sensor1/2.3" 12.0 megapixel CMOS
SensibilityAutomatic, from 100 to 200 ISO
Available resolutionsVideo: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected],
 [email protected] (slow motion), [email protected]
Photo: 12 megapixel (selctable: 8 MP, 5 MP, 3 MP)
PowerRechargeable battery, Li-Ion 3,7v 1000mAh
FeaturesIP68 certified waterproof case down to -30m, GYRO Optical stabilizer,  2" TFT display Tto frame the scene and configure camera,  WIFI connection with free Android/iOS APP
Dimensions62.4 x 43.0 x 30.4 mm
MemoryCompatible with MicroSD memoruy card up to 32GB; for best results, use a Class 10 / U1 card
Materials/FinishesPolicarbonate; glass and technopolymers
NotesIncludes wifi 2,4GHz wristband remote control, one battery, Scuba waterproof case, manual, and a small selection of mounts.
Price199€  (official price including VAT)