SOG Growl and SOG Tangle, full tang knives

SOG Growl e Tangle
Tangle handle (top) is wrapped with seven feet of black paracord. Growl scales are made of Nylon and screwed on the tang

Jason Brous is an american knifemaker specialized in CNC machinery and he is also owner of Brous Blades, a small factory that produces high end semi custom knives. Jason and SOG Knives cooperation originated the “Growl” an interesting combat knife inspired by the provocative design of his “Triple Treath” fixed blade custom. In order to keep the retail price as low as possible, the knife has been slightly simplified in some features but shares the distinctive faceted look of the original.

The SOG Growl is 8,1” long with 3,6” stainless steel blade 0,25” thick.

SOG Growl e Tangle
Growl blade (top) is "Tanto" style with a distinctive faceted look. Tangle blade is a more conventional "drop point" style

The knife offers full tang construction ensuring superior strenght. Blade tip is “Tanto” style, one of the “tactical” features of this product. The multi faceted look of the blade is an heritage of the “Triple Treath” original blade that featured three different grinds. The Growl features just two different grinds; straight on the main edge and slightly convex on the secondary edge. The blade is also deeply beveled and as a result the tip is very thin compared to the thickness of the rest of the knife.

Blade (in fact the whole knife) in made from a single piece of 9Cr18MoV stainless steel criogenically tempered to 58-60 HRC and carefully satin finished. The overall level of the metal finish in quite accurate.

SOG Growl e Tangle
Sheats for both knives are made of Nylon and feature a detachable plastic clip

Another distinctive feature of the Growl is the Glass-Reinforced Nylon handle, abrasive and impact resistant, with “L” shaped slits that allow to see the the inner tang. Unfortunately this means that also dust, sand and water can reach to the tang and stick into the handle slits. The semi-anatomic profile of the lower section of the handle offers a steady support for the fingers. For the same reason the blade spine is scalopped, so the thumb of the user can rest safely.

Sheath is molded nylon with 3” belt loop and detachable belt clip. The clip is attached to the sheath wit four steel nuts. Knife retention is both snap and hook and loop.

SOG Growl e Tangle
SOG Growl held in reverse grip by an average sized hand

The Growl is a EDC fixed blade knife with a warrior twist, big enough to solve most of the problem, with a very piercing tip, and a straight edge that can be easily sharpened in the fields.

With its overall lenght of  8,75” the Tangle shares with the Growl the size class and also the full tang construction but its handle is paracord wrapped and there are no scales. Once unwrapped from the handle the paracord is seven feet long and can be used for a wide array of survival tasks. Thanks to the anatomical shape of the skeletonized handle, the Tangle is extremely safe to grip and use even when the wrapping is removed.

SOG Growl e Tangle
SOG Tangle drop point blade makes it a good choice also for big game hunters

Growl blade is  9Cr18MoV stainless steel tempered to 58-60 HRC with a more conventional drop point profile. It is 3,9” long and 0,19” thick. The surface of the blade is carefully satin finish and despitre of the “made in China” markings, we found no flaws. It is also available with hardcased black finish.

The drop point blade profile makes the Tangle a perfect companion in the hunting fields and for everyday outdoor carry.

The peculiar design of the Growl makes it lightweight, strong and balaced, this makes it a good throwing knife as well. Tangle sheath is quite identical to the Growl one. SOG Growl and Tangle are the two sides of the same coin. The Growl will be more appreciated by military-style aficionados, while the Tangle is more versatile and fit for big game hunters. Maybe the biggest difference is the retail price: 120  USD for the Growl, 80 USD for the Tangle.

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SOG Growl and Tangle

SOG Growl e Tangle


SOG Knives & Tools

TypeFixed blade knife
PurposeGrowl: fighting, survival
Tangle: hunting, survival

BladeGrowl: length
3,9 ", thickness 0,19"
Tangle: length
3,6 ", thickness 0,25"
GripGrowl: Nylon handle
Tangle: paracord wrap
Overall lengthGrowl: 8,1"
Tangle: 8,75
WeightGrowl: 5,40 Ounces
Tangle: 5,60 Ounces
Materials/FinishesBlade: 9Cr18MoV stainless steel with satin finish
NotesFull tang one piece, Nylon molded sheath with belt loop and removable clip

$ 120 Growl

$ 80 Tangle

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