May 2, 2018: major Walther Auction at Hermann Historica

The 76th auction “Carl Walther – Legendary Firearms from Zella-Mehlis and Ulm” will be held at the company’s headquarters in Munich on May 2, 2018.  The auction will feature firearms by Carl Walther that were produced in the Thuringian town of Zella-Mehlis, under license by the French manufacturer Manurhin and in Ulm, Swabia.

Walther Olympia Jäger in .22 Long Rifle.
Walther Olympia Jäger in .22 Long Rifle.
A Persian contract Walther PP with markings in Farsi.
A Persian contract Walther PP with markings in Farsi.

Over 300 long guns and handguns – all of them models by Walther – will be sold at the auction. Items include the Wehrmacht-issue P.38 from the Third Reich, which carries the manufacturer’s code “ac” to indicate it was produced at the factory in Zella-Mehlis.

Walther 7,65mm PPK prototype.
A 7,65mm PPK prototype.

Among the most fascinating pieces are Walther’s early pistols with the model numbers 1 to 9.

A special Model 6 Luger in 9 mm catches the eye in particular – an extremely rare firearm, of which only 500 were produced. Like the Beretta 38 in the same caliber, the Model 6 struggled with technical problems, as the caliber was simply too powerful for a pistol with blowback. But this makes it an especially coveted collectors’ item.

Naturally, the most significant part of the Walther collection includes the models PP and PK from Zella-Mehlis, Mulhouse and Ulm. All of the variants are up for auction. Among them is an extremely rare PPK in 6.35 mm caliber. And while the passage of time has certainly left its mark, the handgun does come in its original packaging. Bidding for this exhibit starts at €1,500.00.

Collectors will doubtlessly be drawn to the Walther PP and PPK models that were manufactured for Nazi Party dignitaries or foreign buyers, for instance the PP in Persian design with an inscription in Farsi or another PP for Norway.

Walther 6,35mm PPK. 
A 6,35mm PPK. Condition is not perfect, but it's quite rare.
Walther PPK ZM, gold-plated version
One of the many engraved and gold-plated versions that will be auctioned.
Walther model 1, caliber 6,35mm.
Walther model 1, caliber 6,35mm.
Walther model 2, caliber 6,35mm.
Walther model 2, caliber 6,35mm.

In addition, there are numerous special models by Walther with engraving, some of them silver- or gold-plated and also manufactured in Zella-Mehlis or Ulm.

The models developed around the post-War P38 – like the P4 and P5 – are certainly interesting as well. Finally, the auction catalog also contains pre-series firearms and prototypes like the A1 and the P88 A1 for the Bundeswehr. 

What you need to know about the Walther Auction at Hermann Historica:

Advance viewings will be held from 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm on April 26, 27, 28 and 30, 2018. Bidders must be present at this auction. But advance bids are permitted. Kindly inquire with the auction house.

Herrmann Historica

Linprun Str. 16

D-80335 Munich

You can also view the exhibits in the official catalog for the 76th auction here.

For more information about the auction house, please visit Hermann Historica website.

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