What’s on offer from WAFFEN FERKINGHOFF?

We took a closer look at the Waffen Ferkinghoff booth during the IWA OutdoorClassics 2017 Show in Nuremberg and were impressed by the range of products on offer. You’ll find the latest 2017 releases from Waffen Ferkinghoff here at all4shooters.com. So we were keen to find out what lay behind the company and importer. 

Brands stocked by Waffen Ferkinghoff
Just a few of the premium brands stocked by Waffen Ferkinghoff.

WAFFEN FERKINGHOFF has developed continuously since its inception in 1990. Initially, the proprietor, Achim Ferkinghoff, ran an exclusively retail outlet business not far from Würzburg, Germany. Even back then, he carried sports and hunting firearms by many US companies. Over time, he continuously expanded this area of the company and started to sell the products via his proprietary online shop. 

Many of the products on sale are imported specifically, and are only available in Germany and Europe from Ferkinghoff, the general importer. Waffen Ferkinghoff now offers over 8,000 products and 40 brands in its retail outlet in Bergtheim and via its online shop. The Dealer Portal has a particularly interesting range of products, specifically for specialist resellers.

A family business, Waffen Ferkinghoff attaches significant importance to product knowledge and customer service, perceiving itself as a passionate and thoughtful provider and not merely as a ‘shipping agent’.

Which firearm and accessory brands does FERKINGHOFF sell?

Revolver Kimber K6s
High-quality Kimber revolvers are a just a small part of the range of the German importer.

The company focuses mainly on firearms from the United States, South America and special products from Europe. Here is a list of the most important brands: 

Among the highlights by the US company Auto Ordnance is the Tommy Gun, or the Thompson 1927 A-1. A ubiquitous feature of Mafia movies, the Tommy Gun – or the Thompson submachine gun – was the iconic firearm used by racketeers in the age of American Prohibition. The Allies made extensive use of the Tommy Gun as a rapid-fire weapon during the Second World War.

Ferkinghoff offers the Thompson 1927 A-1 as a semiauto, chambered in .45 ACP caliber. It has a wooden stock and comes with a 10-round magazine. The modified Tommy Gun is fitted with manual Lyman sights, a 16.5-inch fluted barrel and a compensator mounted in front of the muzzle. A real treat for enthusiasts and firearms collectors.

Besides firearms, visitors to Waffen Ferkinghoff will find an extensive range of accessories by the following manufacturers:

  • HOGUE - stocks and grips
  • ProShot - firearm cleaning system from the United States
  • BIRCHWOOD CASEY - burnishing and cleaning system with accessories
  • Optics (scopes and sites) by TRIJICON, MARBLE ARMS and SunOptics
  • Belts, holsters, bags, magazines and plenty more by TRIPLE K.

Waffen Ferkinghoff sells all of these products on the German and English-language versions of its online shop at www.waffen-ferkinghoff.com. Clear category structures and a convenient search function help visitors to navigate easily and quickly to find their preferred products. Extensive filter options add efficiency to the search function. 

“We intend to provide customers with a convenient method of shopping from home. But we are glad to advise and assist wherever we can”, says managing director Achim Ferkinghoff. 

We dropped by the store to see for ourselves how the company philosophy translates into action and take an appreciative look at the range of specialist products. Each rifle that leaves the company first passes through the hands of a gunsmith who conducts a thorough inspection and makes any necessary modifications. None of the firearms leave the company out-of-the-box. The outstanding results justify the added expense.

Here’s a selection of images from the extensive range at Waffen Ferkinghoff:

Magnum Research Big Frame Revolver
Waffen Ferkinghoff: an upgrade to the Big Frame Revolvers by Magnum Research.
Desert Eagle pistol Waffen Ferkinghoff
Waffen Ferkinghoff is the German and European general importer for the famous Desert Eagle pistols.
KAHR ARMS pistols with Cerakote finish
Waffen Ferkinghoff has plenty of pistols from Kahr Arms, including the newest models showcased at IWA 2017.
Rossi Puma lever action rifles
Rossi produces western firearms: lever-action rifles for western shooting. Ferkinghoff stocks a large selection.
Magnum Research Desert Eagle Tiger Stripe Finish
Limited editions of the Desert Eagle pistols are released occasionally.
Big Frame Revolver
Waffen Ferkinghoff also stocks a number of impressive models from the Magnum Research series, including custom modifications of the BFR revolver.
Magnum Research Desert Eagle 1911
The German importer Waffen Ferkinghoff introduces 1911 pistols by Magnum Research onto the domestic market.
Firearms from Kahr Arms Group
Waffen Ferkinghoff signed an exclusive European distribution agreement with the Kahr Firearms Group at the end of 2014.

You will find additional information on the range of brands from Waffen Ferkinghoff at:

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KAHR ARMS showcased pistol models with the new Cerakote coating. Click here to find out which models they are. 

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