Waffen Ferkinghoff: innovations at the IWA 2017

Hunting, outdoors, security, and sports: Wholesaler Waffen Ferkinghoff GmbH & Co. KG offers an extensive range of interesting brands and high-selling products. The assortment extends from modern and historical long and short firearms, optical sights, abroad array of accessories such as grips, holsters, and magazines, to complete cleaning systems and even targets. A widely-varied selection of attractive innovations and time-tested products awaited visitors to the 150 m² trade show booth of Waffen Ferkinghoff. In addition, there was also a raffle with the chance to win a KAHR Firearms pistol.

Sharing the booth were US partners KAHR Firearms Group, Kimber, and – for the very first time – Timney Trigger. Introduced at the IWA 2017: a variable pistol carbine for sports and hunting, a high-quality gunsmith tool from Grace, and highly durable multi-universal holsters for more than 200 firearms models. Yet another innovation presented on the European market was a golden Tommy Gun with a drum magazine.

2017 Firearms innovations of KAHR Firearms at Waffen Ferkinghoff

KAHR Firearms Desert Eagle XIX L5
New at Waffen Ferkinghoff: Desert Eagle Mark XIX L5 by KAHR Firearms in .44 Magnum.

For a number of years now, the KAHR Firearms Group has been presenting its products at the firearms trade show in Nuremberg alongside Waffen Ferkinghoff, including all KAHR premium service pistols, Magnum Research firearms such as the Desert Eagle, the BFR revolvers, the Magnum Light self-loading rifles, and the Auto-Ordnance range, along with accessories and replacement parts.

Already at the SHOT Show 2017 Kahr presented the popular model Desert Eagle Mark XIX L5  in the caliber .44 Magnum and .357 Magnum. This version offers a magazine with an eight-shot capacity and a five-inch, black carbon steel barrel. The frame is made of anodized black aluminum, and – what’s more – the appearance is rounded off by an integrated muzzle brake and Hogue finger groove grips.

This model’s MRSP in .44 Mag is 2.579,- Euro and in .357 Magnum it‘s 2.587,- Euro.

A further innovation of the SHOT Show 2017 is now also present here at IWA 2017 - the Desert Eagle L6 model, it is also available in new calibers: .44 Magnum and .357 Magnum. The only difference between the two versions is the magazine capacity. The magazine of the .357 Magnum caliber Desert Eagle L6 holds nine cartridges, while the capacity in the .44 Magnum is eight shots. Other than that, the impressive pistols have identical equipment features: a stainless-steel slide and barrel, a black Weaver rail under the barrel, and a black aluminum frame. Both caliber versions have a six-inch barrel and an integrated muzzle brake.

The Desert Eagle L6 is available starting from 2.839,- Euro.

KAHR Firearms Desert Eagle L6 pistol 
KAHR Firearms now offers the Desert Eagle L6 in the calibers .44 Magnum and .357 Magnum.

Magnum Research Expanding its popular series of Big Frame Revolvers

Magnum Research has considered the time-tested BFR – Big Frame Revolver – to be one of its success stories since back in 1999. In order to make them competitive for the future as well, the revolvers have been equipped with new features: the overhauled Hahn is made completely of stainless steel and produced with minimal tolerance levels. It is now higher and narrower. What is more, it has also been raised vertically, making the cocking process easier for the shooter. The result: smoother and more uniform trigger action.

In addition, the entire BRF product range has been equipped with a soft, one-piece, non-slip rubber grip from Hogue. The brand-new model does not use any screws at all, sits precisely in the grip frame, and has no play at all – even with such a powerful recoil. All BFR special models and the twelve standard models in the various calibers will feature these upgrades.

Magnum Research Big Frame Revolver
Weapons Ferkinghoff: Magnum Research upgraded the Big Frame Revolvers.
Magnum Research BFR
New to weapons Ferkinghoff: all models of the Magnum Research BFR series will feature an upgrade.

Kimber USA Expanding its presence at Waffen Ferkinghoff

Kimber  Subalpine was introduced in January 2017 at the SHOT Show. At the IWA 2017, the manufacturer now presented the model for the European market at the trade booth of Waffen Ferkinghoff. The brand has been establishing itself as a constant in the firearms industry for years now: Its 1911 pistols and hunting firearms are used by authorities, hunters, shooters, and security forces. Having started their successful participation in 2016, the Americans are thus working to expand their presence and their collaboration with the Würzburg wholesaler.

Following the successful launch of the K6 revolver, Kimber USA exhibited four new models of its world’s lightest six-shot .357 Magnum revolver at the IWA 2017. The new Kimber K6s are widely varied – fitted with wooden or rubber grips and ranging from a glossy polished steel design to a satin finish. The handgun is designed on the basis of a short two-inch-long frame with a drum only 35.3 mm in diameter.

Revolver Kimber K6s
New at Waffen Ferkinghoff: Revolver Kimber K6s.

Kimber Subalpine repeating rifle: Kimber rifles stand for high quality and precision in the fields of hunting and sport shooting. At the IWA 2017, the manufacturer presented a new hunting rifle. Available in various calibers (.308 Win., .280 Ack. Imp., -30-06 Spring., .300 WSM, .300 Win. Mag.), the barrel length of the Kimber Subalpine repeating rifle ranges from 22" to 24" to 26". The barrel is made of stainless steel and has match grade cartridge cases and a muzzle thread equipped with a cover cap. It is therefore no problem at all to mount a muzzle brake or a silencer.

At IWA OutdoorClassics 2017 no price was given.

New at Waffen Ferkinghoff: pistol caliber rifle from Just Right Carbine

Just Right Carbine pistol carbine
At the IWA 2017, the company Waffen Ferkinghoff brings the pistol carabine from Just Right Carbine to the German market.
Pistol carbine for hunters and sport shooters
Weapons Ferkinghoff: depending on the model, the pistol carbine from Just Right Carbine can be suitable for hunters or sport shooters.

Rifles and carbines in pistol calibers have been vastly popular for decades. After all, pistol ammunition is less expensive than the conventional rifle calibers. Moreover, the firearms generally provide hit patterns at low recoil levels. For the IWA 2017, Waffen Ferkinghoff is introducing the pistol carbine from Just Right Carbine onto the German market.

The standard version of the semiautomatic self-loader offers an aluminum receiver, a black anodized 17" barrel, and a blowback in modular design. The standard telescopic barrel can be set to six different lengths. The Picatinny rail provided makes it possible to mount a wide range of optical sights along with any AR accessories.

Thanks to the muzzle thread provided, the rifle can be adapted to meet most needs. It even can be set up for left-handed shooters: The case ejection and cocking lever can be moved over to the other side in only a few steps. What is more, the modular design makes it possible to switch the caliber in only a few minutes. Depending on the specific model, this allows the pistol carbine from Just Right Carbine to be used for both sport shooting as well as hunting.

Timney Trigger at the booth of Waffen Ferkinghoff

For the very first time, Timney Trigger has its very own exhibition at the booth of Waffen Ferkinghoff. This US company has a total of 60 years of experience in constructing single-stage triggers. The result: no creeping, clear trigger action, and crisply functioning quality triggers at all times. All triggers from Timney Trigger are on display, including the new two-stage triggers – both for tactical shooting with AR rifles as well as for hunters and their Remington 700 rifles.

Timney Trigger trigger
Waffen Ferkinghoff: Timney Trigger offers clear trigger action and crisply functioning quality triggers at all times.

Waffen Ferkinghoff: other new products at the IWA 2017

Waffen Ferkinghoff is offering genuine multi-fit pistol holsters with Stealth Operator holsters from US manufacturer Phalanx Defense Systems. Simple, clear, very precise, and without need of adjustment, the holsters have been developed for ongoing and reliable use. The universal holster series embodies a straightforward concept: “Keep it simple!” The full-size or compact holsters are well-suited for many firearms of the GLOCK, Taurus, Ruger, Smith & Wessen, Springfield Armory, H&K, Beretta, and SIG Sauer brands. The Twin Mag double-magazine holster fits most GLOCK handguns and many other magazines of similar size.

No longer brand new in the product portfolio of Waffen Ferkinghoff, yet still of great interest, are the springs from Wolff Gunsprings. The assortment includes recoil springs, hammer springs, magazine springs, firing pin springs, and many other springs for firearms. Thanks to new spring materials and innovative processes, these versatile springs never fail to impress with their top quality, reliability, and time-tested performance.

All of these constitute only a few select examples of the products that are waiting to be discovered at the trade show booth of Waffen Ferkinghoff at the IWA 2017. A well-established player on the market, the company endeavors to be the link between manufacturers, retail trade, and end consumers.

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