SHOT Show video: First impressions from the Industry Day 2018

In 2018 SHOT Show celebrates 40th anniversary and as every year we’re here to select the most interesting new products for our readers. Let’s start with GLOCK, Springfield Armory and Winchester ammunition in our first video.

New products from well-known brands in test at the Industry Day at the Range 2018

Our first stop was at the GLOCK booth. We have been writing about the new model GLOCK 19X already before Christmas. Please have a look at all the technical details here: GLOCK 19X pistol. But for us it was more interesting to have the pistol in our hand and shooting it. And to make it short: First shooting was awesome – smooth, highly accurate with a perfect trigger feeling. No complaints so far. 

Ashley Rheuark, member of Team GLOCK, showed us personally all new models: the new Gen 5 versions of GLOCK 17 and GLOCK 26. We could also shoot the MOS version of the GLOCK 34 model. Our team-member Franco liked it a lot, especially the new grip – but have a look for more details in the video. Good to know, that also the MOS versions are now coming to the international markets. All technical features you’ll find in our GLOCK news with many additional images from the live-shooting: new pistol from GLOCK: G26 Gen5 and G34 Gen5 MOS.

Industry Day at the Range: Springfield XD-S Pistol
Springfield Armory introduced a range of new pistols at Industry Day at the Range. Here's the XD-S pistol.

Also Springfield Armory showcased some new interesting products. Let’s pick out the following two. “XD-S Model 2”: that’s a compact pistol in .45 auto for concealed carry targeting mainly the US-market. Our first impression: very nice trigger feeling and pleasant recoil. Or have a look at the new 1911 TRP model in the US typical caliber 10 mm Auto. More info is in the video.

Finally we have also been at the presentation of the new Winchester ammo “Hybrid X” in a 9 mm Luger in a 124 Grains version. According to the manufacturer other caliber of this line will follow soon. Please listen to the representative of Winchester in our video-interview.

This video is just the starting point of a whole series of videos from Industry Day and SHOT Show 2018 from our all4shooters-team. Have fun and don’t forget to watch our Facebook channels for more videos and images.

Here comes a first overview which new models we have already covered in the upcoming videos on Facebook:

  • The brand new pistol ARCHON FIREARMS Type B for the US - now chambered according to the US-standard “SAAMI” instead of “CIP” for the EU models of ARSENAL FIREARMS STRYK B
  • The new BERGARA bolt action rifle in caliber 6,5 Creedmoor
  • A new bolt action rifle from BROWNING, also in caliber 6,5 Creedmoor
  • The new aluminum-frame model of the 9 mm pistol from Hudson H9, called H9A
  • The new shotgun IWI TS 12
  • The new pistol from KIMBER “Micro 3”
  • A new revolver from RUGER “Super Redhawk” in 10 mm
  • A bolt action model from the Austrian manufacturer RITTER & STARK in caliber 6,5 Creedmoor
  • A new riflescope from STEINER OPTIK: M5 XI
  • The impressive SMITH & WESSON M&P 10 Sport Optics Ready
  • And the UMAREX “Hammer” a new air gun-model in cal. 50
Overview Industry Day at the Range 2018
The Industry Day at the Range 2018 before the SHOT Show is perfect for trade visitors, where they can test all the new products.

Here comes part 2 of our video coverage of the Industry Day 2018:

ARCHON FIREARMS, the new US-brand for the premium polymer pistol from Arsenal Firearms, showcased the final version of the Type B pistol for the US-market. Here you can read all details about the rebranding for the USA: Arsenal Firearms becomes Archon Firearms.

The new handgun convinced us totally at the shooting range, because it’s simply fun to shoot it. The extremely low bore axis and the innovative locking system are smart technical features that lead in fact to a milder recoil and less muzzle flip. Both features are a real advantage when shooting high frequencies. That’s really smart.

Also RUGER presented some new long rifles. All details are in the video.

CARL WALTHER announced the new model PPQ M2 Q4 already in November. That’s a new model for sport-shooting in 9 mm. At the Industry Day we could also see the TAC version PPQ M2 Q4 TAC – a long-slide version. That’s basically the same handgun, but equipped with a 4.6" barrel prepared at the muzzle for silencers, sound suppressors, or muzzle brakes. Also in the video: the brand new PPQ SC: a sub-compact version for concealed carry. Have a look at all details in the video.

KIMBER introduced the new long-slide pistol “Stainless Target LS” in caliber .45 ACP with a 6’’/152 mm barrel, a pretty long line of sight and adjustable sights for target shooting. Our colleagues from the all4shooters-team were almost enthusiastic: very pleasant to shoot and as you can see in the video, they had fun to check this new model out. Currently it’s difficult to say if and when this model could hit the EU-markets. We’ll keep you informed.

Other firearms in our video from the Industry Day 2018:

  • Savage MSR 10 Long Range
  • Bergara Rich 6,5 Creedmoor
  • STI 2011 Omni pistol
  • IWI TS 12 Shotgun

Have fun watching our second video from Industry Day 2018.

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