Symposium: Sustainable use of ammunition containing lead

A very vigorous debate has been going on for a number of years now about traditional ammunition containing lead and lead-free alternatives – especially with respect to sport hunting, where in recent years an increasing number of bans have been imposed in Germany and at the EU level on classic hunting ammunition. Now, manufacturers are taking an opportunity to speak to this issue through their association, AFEMS, which, together with the World Shooting Forum, is organizing an event aimed at clarifying some of the questions associated with this controversy.

All the discussions about the right ammunition have one thing in common: a lot of emotion – but few facts. And truth be told, it isn’t easy to understand how to fit together all the elements at debate. On the one hand there are the environment and health aspects and, on the other, responsible hunting practices. This symposium is aimed primarily at clearing up preconceptions about lead shot that are often based not on facts but on politics and prejudices.

A great deal of research has been conducted, particularly in the last couple of years, that has provided some definitive findings on hunting ammunition. 

By inviting a number of distinguished guest speakers and focusing on a pertinent set of topics, the international symposium in Brussels seeks to address the sustainable use of lead ammunition in hunting and sport shooting. It will examine both the effects on humans as well as on the environment - at both the European and global levels.

All ammunition manufacturers now offer lead-free alternatives - because of legislation mandating it. However, the largest proportion of ammunition being marketed and sold today still contains lead. And that usually for good reason, having to do with energy output and projectile performance (effects / deformation): some lead-free projectiles demonstrate significant weaknesses, especially at longer ranges. Only major, well-known manufacturers are able to score points in this regard.

The Symposium offers industry participants the opportunity to hear and ask questions of international experts as well as engage in networking. Translation services will of course be provided in ​​German, English, French and Italian.

Here’s an overview of the symposium topics:

The keynote speech will be given by Torbjorn Lindskog, President of AFEMS


The proven effects of lead on wildlife

Legal aspects:

EU legislation on the subject of ammunition - an overview


The effects of different projectile materials (leaded vs. lead-free) 

Human Health:     

The toxicology of lead and its implications for human health

Other topics:

Reversal of the ban on lead shot ammunition in Norway

Leaded ammunition at shooting ranges in Germany and Italy

Go to this link to find all information relating to the symposium in Brussels – a timetable, details on the topics as well as a list of speakers. You will also find information on how you may participate in the symposium.

This is an event for invited industry representatives.

But it is important that every hunter and target shooter know that manufacturers, interested stakeholders and policy makers have made it their goal to develop sustainable and practical solutions going forward.

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