SIG Sauer Range Day 2017: firearms tests at the Shooting Range

Each year before the SHOT Show in Las Vegas, it is tradition for firearms manufacturers to organize the Industry Day at the Range where invited guests can try out their latest products, and 2017 was no different. SIG Sauer wanted to give representatives of the press, distributors, military and the authorities a little more time, and presented its wide range of products at its own shooting event.

Naturally, we were present at both events in person so as to be able to tell you all about the latest and greatest innovations first-hand. While the 12th Industry Day at the Range took place at the shooting range of the Boulder Rifle & Pistol Club in Boulder City, Nevada, USA, where 200 exhibitors presented their products, the SIG Sauer Range Day was – as the name suggests – a much more exclusive affair. At this event, invited specialist journalists were able to exclusively try out products from this renowned company.

Trying out the SIG Sauer MPX modular machine pistol
At the Range Day, press representatives were able to try out SIG Sauer products before SHOT Show 2017.

Once again, the 4th SIG Sauer Range Day with over 1,000 visitors was held at the stunning, expansive shooting range of the Clark County Shooting Complex. Located at the northern city limits of Las Vegas, Nevada, this 1,200-hectare facility is one of the largest of its kind in the whole of the USA.

SIG Sauer’s exclusive shooting event received support from TYR Tactical, LLC, a producer of the finest tactical and personal protective equipment such as plate carriers, chest rigs, and much more ( In addition, guests were also well taken care of with ample refreshments.

US subsidiary of SIG Sauer

The company SIG Sauer from Newington, New Hampshire, with 750 employees is increasingly evolving into a complete outfitter. Hence, its product range not only comprises handguns and long guns in rimfire and centerfire calibers, but also compressed air guns for hobbyists, optics, ammunition, silencers and shooting sports accessories.

For many years now, the SIG Sauer Academy has also been a well-known shooting academy on the US East Coast with a good reputation for its expertly conducted practical training courses.

SIG Sauer is setting new standards in many market segments with well-engineered, modern products such as the modular assault/semi-automatic rifle MCX with indirect gas impingement system and options for changing the caliber and barrel, as well as the equally customizable MPX machine pistols.

Handgun ammunition from SIG Sauer
SIG Sauer manufactures not only pistols and long guns – with its ammunition series and own optics models, the company is evolving into a complete outfitter.

This also applies to its optics, where the company not only has red dot sights, rifle scopes, binoculars, spotting scopes, laser tracking systems, weapon lights, laser targeting devices and mounting rails, but also impresses with, among other things, its highly innovative thermal imaging reflex sight Echo1 in 1-20×30.

At SHOT Show 2017, the company’s announcement that it had won the “Modular Handgun System” (MHS) contract for the United States Armed Forces probably made the biggest splash at the entire expo. Over a dozen renowned pistol manufacturers from around the world had competed for this prestigious and enormous contract. Ultimately, the company with German roots won the bid with its polymer frame striker-fired pistol SIG Sauer P320 (a.k.a. XM17), which will replace the current Beretta M9 service pistol. We previously reported on this on

Products for testing at SIG Sauer Range Day 2017

At the shooting range, we were able to get a hands-on look at almost all of SIG Sauer USA’s products, and even perform test shoots. SIG Sauer Electro Optics had the entire range of tactical rifle scopes from the TANGO series and the hunting scopes from the WHISKEY series on display. The ROMEO and BRAVO reflex sights and red dot sights were also mounted on pistols and self-loading rifles, and visitors could try them out for themselves. You can read all about SIG Sauer’s latest optical products at SHOT Show 2017 right here on

P320 X-VTAC pistol
SIG Sauer showcased the new X-Series pistol models at its Range Day.

SIG Sauer showcased all pistol models from its comprehensive range. Among the models on display were the brand-new P320 X-Series with the X-Five, X-Carry and X-VTAC. Click here to find out more about the new pistol series from SIG Sauer. The new P320 air gun from the ASP series (Advanced Sport Pellet Line), several air rifles, as well as pistols in the caliber .22LR were also represented at the shooting range.

Naturally, the ammunition for the shooting event also came from SIG Sauer. With the new “Match Grade Elite Performance,” SIG Sauer introduced a new series of rifle ammunition for sports shooters. Click here for more details on the new ammunition series from the US company.

Naturally, the complete outfitter from the USA also provided the modular multi-caliber MCX rifle and MPX machine pistol for testing at its Range Day. These firearm systems are highly popular in the USA, and the huge crowd at the range was no surprise.

Wrap-up of SIG Sauer Range Day 2017

The US offshoot of the German weapons manufacturer SIG Sauer presented a comprehensive range of products and numerous innovations at its 2017 Range Day. With pistols in almost every popular caliber, modular machine pistols, semi-automatic self-loading rifles, rifles based on the AR-15 and AR-10, precision rifles, ammunition, targeting optics, as well as other accessories for the firearms series, SIG Sauer is definitely a heavyweight on the US market. It is not without good reason that the company calls itself a “complete systems provider.”

Pistols on display at SIG Sauer Range Day 2017
SIG Sauer not only showcased new products at its 2017 Range Day, but also its current range of weapons products.

For more information on SIG Sauer USA, please visit the company’s website.

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