SIG Sauer Range Day at the IWA 2018: testing new products first-hand

Only a select few were invited to the exclusive event, the SIG Sauer Range day, at SIG Sauer’s shooting range. Among them was Alex from The folks from SIG Sauer therefore fulfilled one of our long-held dreams: shooting at the IWA!

Starting out to the shooting range with SIG Sauer

We first arrived early in the morning at SIG Sauer’s stand at the IWA Show. We then took a shuttle bus and by just before 10 o'clock everything was underway. The SIG Sauer shuttle bus stopped just a few hundred yards from the exhibition grounds of the IWA OutdoorClassics, because there is a shooting facility.

SIG Sauer products
SIG Sauer presented their product range of optics and firearms.

It was clear that SIG Sauer had extended their portfolio greatly. Numerous optics were also presented along with the new pistols. It was good that they kept things brief without any lengthy explanations. The emphasis clearly lay on the feel of the firearms and on the shooting.

The employees had already set up various targets on the range, which the guests could fire at with calibers ranging from 4.5 mm up to .223 Remington. 

Firearm testing at the shooting range with SIG Sauer

Testing kicked off with the compressed air version of the MCX in Dark Earth. It had a genuine semi-automatic feel to it. It has a chain magazine allowing 30 rounds of rapid fire. The SIG Sauer MCX fired so rapidly that the flip targets had no idea what had happened to them.

SIG Sauer P365 pistol at the shooting range
The new SIG SAUER P365 pistol performed convincingly at the shooting range.

Next up was the SIG Sauer P365. This small firearm is in great demand in the United States and even Europeans seem to be fond of it. This small pistol was truly awesome. The magazine fits 10 rounds (9 mm Luger). Because of the magazine shoe, the little finger did not slip through – which is otherwise the case with many ‘concealed carry’ pistols. 

The loading grooves facilitated a very easy loading. Shooting with it was pure pleasure, even when the SIG Sauer P365 exerts somewhat greater forces on the hand. Controllable, small, non-slip, compact, with the right dimensions. It was a delight to shoot with the small SIG Sauer P365.

After this came the program’s main attraction: the MCX Virtus in .223 Rem. Equipped with a suitable SIG Sauer scope, it simply destroyed the targets. Completely smooth when shooting, you can quickly regain the target. Simple – it must be said – a valuable, well thought-out firearm, which on top of everything is fun to use.

After that we enjoyed shooting at falling targets with pistols from the SIG Sauer’s 9-mm range. But also including a .45 ACP. The two-hour event just flew by. The huge heaps of brass on the floor spoke for themselves. Outside, food and refreshments were served: hot dogs and hamburgers – although everyone avoided the beer: it was after all still morning time.

SIG Sauer has really understood just what is important, and indeed what has been missing at the IWA: the opportunity to put firearms to the test. For that reason, other pathways are sure to be explored.

SIG Sauer MCX airgun rifle 
The SIG Sauer MCX airgun rifle offers a genuine semi-automatic feel.
SIG Sauer MCX Virtus
The SIG Sauer MCX Virtus in .223 Rem caliber is now also available in Germany as a self-loading rifle.
SIG Sauer P365 pistol from SIG Sauer
The handy P365 pistol by SIG Sauer.
SIG Sauer P220 Hunter pistol
The SIG Sauer P220 Hunter pistol comes in a camouflage design.
SIG Sauer P220 X-SIX Classic pistol
The P220 X-Six Classic in 9 mm Luger caliber.

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