The new is online – here’s what awaits you!

Try out our new service by simply clicking away and enjoying the ride. Of course, everything looks a little different now. It may take a little time to get used to it, but you will soon find that not only is everything tidier and clearer, since the platform is also faster and easier to navigate. And you will very quickly notice that the site is now lots of fun of fun on your smart phone too.

What goes on behind the scenes? and are two subject areas which we will continue to cover on a single platform, for which the editorial work is carried out by national and international teams. For most manufacturers these two fields simply belong together, yet for our fans they are completely different areas of interest.

By simply clicking in the menu on “Shooting” or “Hunting” you can select the world which you personally prefer. For our international fans the country-specific content is available in German, English, Italian and Russian. We also have social media presences on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram, separated into Shooting and Hunting and always in the respective language.

The aim of / is to reach more people with our subject matter than would ever be possible for information from only print media or manufacturer websites. We have proved we can achieve this to impressive effect. We are also interested in strengthening social acceptance of the subject of "weapons and ammunition" all over Europe, reaching fans in the respective communities and ultimately strengthening customer acquisition in the entire market segment with carefully researched information and ratings.

We therefore cooperate very successfully with numerous partners from industry and also from other media. Here, I would like to take the opportunity to say a sincere thank you to all those who collaborate with us and to the people all over the world who make use of our service on a daily basis. And of course also to our colleagues from VISIER, caliber and Schweizer Waffenmagazin, who always energetically support us, also in front of the camera, and with many exclusive tests for Internet consumption only.

Use it or lose it…

This applies above all to the digital environment. Continual further development and optimisation is a part of the business. “We constantly developed our website until eventually we reached the point where we had to decide whether to add another extension to our house, or whether we had to rebuild it.” says Jürgen Flach, Head of, summarising the challenge. In mid-2017, the decision was taken to set about rebuilding the platform and as far as possible keep up with current digital trends and market developments.

From left to right: Jürgen Flach (Head of, Andrea Aromatico (Head of Italy), Dirk Schönfeld (Geschäftsführer VS Medien GmbH)

Fit for the digital future

We feel it is part and parcel of our job to keep providing our users and fans with even more high quality, relevant content. For that reason, our news and articles are informative, full of practical tips, entertaining and at times even emotional. To ensure that you are always kept up to date, we inform you daily on our social media channels about the latest articles, videos and photo galleries.

We strive to always offer added value to our readers. We therefore make sure that we deliver interesting, technically correct articles on all relevant subjects with in-depth content. As far as we are concerned, you and your information needs always come first. So if you are looking for a certain topic, you can easily find it in the blink of an eye via Google or the search function on our site, whether from a desktop PC, tablet or smart phone.

Our new technology will support us in this even more effectively in the future, as all this content, whether texts, photographs or videos, will from now on be managed in a “next generation content management system” developed for us by our outstanding technology partner Chamaeleon AG. We have thoroughly tested everything to ensure that you can have even more fun, with better and more simply structured content.

What specifically has changed with the "new"

  • structural simplification (of content and in the programming)
  • a new, modern and appealing look for our fans
  • better and easier navigation for our users
  • a technically perfect solution for smart phones which looks chic and which is easy to operate
  • further development of the optimisation for search engines

Check us out and see for yourselves at – we look forward to seeing you and hope you have a lot of fun with our content. In the coming weeks and months, you can expect many exciting new tests and videos from us – and that’s a promise. What matters to us right now is exactly what you think. How do you like your new / Let us know, for example on our Facebook pages on all4shooters and all4hunters or by e-mail to .

We are delighted that we can now provide you, more simply and quickly, with fascinating content relating to shooting and/or hunting. Please go ahead and enjoy our new website!

If you have any display problems on our new website: Please clear the chache of your browser under the menu element „settings“. You’ll have the best user-experience with Google Chrome.

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