New world record for Raniero Testa

Raniero Testa has done it again. Armed with a Winchester SXR 308 semiautomatic rifle fitted with a Leica Magnus 1-6.3x24 scope set at 1x magnification, he performed the incredible feat of shooting 15 consecutive clay hares at a range of 10 metres.

It is an extraordinary record from a shooter who is quickly becoming a legend, made possible by the record-breaking field of view and exit pupil of the Magnus scope.

Leica Magnus and Raniero Testa hold a series of astounding world records. Two years ago using a semiautomatic BAR rifle and the same Magnus scope, Raniero managed to shoot 5 clays at a range of 10 metres in less than a second, then he did the same at a range of 50 metres, while last year using another Leica scope, the LRS 6.5-26x56, on a Winchester 270 rifle, he shot the sharp edge of a knife blade at a range of 100 metres cutting the bullet in two to burst two balloons that had been set up on each side of the knife.

The Leica Magnus 1-6.3x24, holds various world records in the drives' hunting category, in particular all the records for field of view and exit pupil. This new record is extraordinary, both for the shooter and the scope, because hare clays move so fast that it is very hard to aim precisely at such a small target rolling over the ground at close range.

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