Krieghoff hunting and sporting guns: high-tech meets craftmanship

Moment of the production of a Krieghoff K-80 sport shotgun
At Krieghoff, it’s experienced gunsmiths, most of them veteran hunters or shooters, who make the hardware for your arduous hunting trips or jaunts down to the shooting range.

Modern production methods are now integral to the manufacture of firearms – and Krieghoff is no different. But despite all the fancy technology, Krieghoff still places the crucial phases in crafting a hunting or shooting gun in the trusty hands of seasoned gunsmiths. Most of them are hunters or sports shooters themselves and have a special relationship to the product they build. Masters of their craft, they lavish attention on even the tiniest detail.

True to the Krieghoff motto: “Commitment to one’s work always means more than just creating a product that is fit for purpose."

A Krieghoff gunsmith works on the stock
“You shoot with the barrel, but hit with the stock!". Based on this simple insight, Krieghoff builds stocks that delight the hand and the eye.

And let’s be honest: modern manufacturing technology alone is by no means the best way to achieve a perfect result. At Krieghoff, five-axis machining centers, 3D CAD workstations and computer-integrated manufacturing are juxtaposed with the burin of the engraver under the illuminated loupe, the heel of the stockmaker’s hand oiling the stock, and the chisel used by the gunsmith to give a receiver its final shape. 

Contrasts so extreme that they’re difficult even to imagine! But the results speak for themselves.

The history of Krieghoff

A Krieghoff engraver at work
Krieghoff engravers have an impressive repertoire: from deep relief to the very finest bulino engravings and from classic hunting scenes to the multifaceted ornamentations of various eras.

“The first Krieghoff” was crafted in 1886. Today, enthusiasts around the world swear by the quality and accuracy of the hunting and sporting guns from Ulm. Inspired by over 132 years of experience and the innovative spirit of each new Krieghoff generation, the manufacturer builds premium rifles and shotguns that are far more than mere firearms. That’s just one of the reasons why owners forge a special bond with “their own Krieghoff”.

Krieghoff’s roots go back to the rifle factory Sempert & Krieghoff, which Ludwig Krieghoff founded with his partners 1886 in the Thuringian town of Suhl. Even then the company focused on high-quality hunting guns. Ludwig Krieghoff’s pithy saying remains true to this day:

“You shoot with the barrel, but you hit the target with the stock!"

The manufacturer’s guns still owe their outstanding shooting characteristics to Krieghoff’s patented stock measurement method. In 1916, Ludwig Krieghoff’s son Heinrich founded his own company in Suhl, which took over his father’s business in 1919. A preternaturally gifted gun engineer, Heinrich Krieghoff’s designs included a semiautomatic rifle and a hammerless shotgun. He also continued to develop the drillings, which were legendary even then. Today they are integral parts of the Krieghoff portfolio as a beautiful blend of classicism and modernity.

Engraved breechblock on a Krieghoff gun.
Regardless of whether it’s one of the numerous engraving motifs or a completely customized design, the engravers turn any Krieghoff into a unique piece that lasts an eternity.

The TV show Welt der Wunder dropped by to find out how a Krieghoff K-80 is manufactured – and it was an impressive process. Krieghoff adds features that turn a sports shotgun like the Krieghoff K-80 into an exquisite and unique piece. Bespoke guns like this can easily cost between €80,000 and €100,000. Otherwise the entry-level price for a K-80 is around €10,000. It’s definitely not too much, as this high-end shotgun – with its incredible longevity – will bring pleasure and success in clay pigeon shooting to more than one generation of shooters. After all, a gun of this quality can easily manage up to a million shots.

Side note: We put a 1983 Krieghoff K-80 through its paces at the shooting range. We can certainly confirm the reliability, durability and flexibility of this very special over and under shotgun. It goes without saying that it is worth the price, even after years of regular use.

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