KAHLES appoints Josef Kampfer as the new director of marketing and public relations!

Josef Kampfer is the new marketing and PR director for KAHLES!
Mr. Kampfer worked for about one year as a manager for the marketing and PR department at KAHLES before being appointed as its new director

Established in 1898, the Austrian-based KAHLES G.m.b.H. company is currently one of the world's most respected and highly regarded manufacturers of riflescopes, shooting and observation optics.

Headquartered in the town of Guntramsdorf − district of Mödling, State of Lower Austria − KAHLES is a pioneer in sustainable and innova-tive development and production in Austria; each KAHLES product is developed, manufactured and tested based on the highest quality standards in the Company's production facility by a talented and dedicated team of optical, design and mechanical engineers, toolmakers and precision machinists; KAHLES products offer some the tightest tolerances and highest technical level of precision and design currently available on the global market.

Although enjoying a global market position and partnership agreements with many Companies in the optics and guns industries, KAHLES still pays attention to marketing and communication as a paramount side of the current globalized market. And a change in the marketing and communication department for the Company has been announced today.

Josef Kampfer is the new marketing and PR director for KAHLES!
An outdoorsman and avid sports shooter ever since its earlier years, Josef Kampfer (pictured on the left) worked for other well-known international brands and companies within various industries before landing to KAHLES

Mr.Josef Kampfer, formerly a marketing and public relations manager, has been appointed as the director of all marketing and communication efforts for the KAHLES Group on the global market. 

Mr. Kampfer has been covering his previous position with KAHLES for a year now, and landed at the company after working with other well-known international brands and companies within various industries all throughout his career. The position as a global director for marketing and communication at KAHLES is a true peak of which we imagine Mr. Kampfer will be extremely proud of.

Mr. Kampfer's interest in optics started at a very early age: growing up in the Carinthian Alps, he has always been an outdoors man and av-id sport shooter. From this he developed his joy of nature and wildlife observation and the enthusiasm for hunting and shooting sports

Holding a degree in Marketing & Sales Management of the University of Economics and Business in Vienna, Mr. Kampfer appears to be an excellent choice for a world-level player such as KAHLES, looking for an expert new member for its cadres.

Josef Kampfer is the new marketing and PR director for KAHLES!
Civilians and professionals worldwide trust the KAHLES quality for hunting, sports shooting, and tactical applications alike

In addition to the obvious marketing and communication efforts to improve the market visibility of the current KAHLES products portfolio − and of the models that will be launched in the future, possibly starting from the 2015 trade shows season which will kick off in January with the SHOT Show in Las Vegas − Mr. Josef Kampfer will also be tasked with developing a high level of brand awareness for the KAHLES company and its products between shooters worldwide.

After all, KAHLES is the oldest manufacturer of riflescopes and optical products still active today, and Mr. Kampfer will direct the Marketing/PR branch effort to make sports shooters, hunters, and professional operators worldwide aware of the outstanding quality of KAHLES products, which is rarely matched (let alone surpassed) by any product offered by its most direct competitors on the international market.

Josef Kampfer is the new marketing and PR director for KAHLES!
The KAHLES optics have covered a pioneering position in quality and performance on the global market ever since 1898!

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