ISSF: changes to the shooting sport rules from 2018

As early as June 2017, the IOC (International Olympic Committee) announced the sports program for the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo. This included significant changes in shooting sports. We have already reported here: Changes for the 2020 Olympics.

The ISSF (International Shooting Sport Federation) is the official association and the supreme organ of the Olympic shooting disciplines. As early as November 2016, the ISSF had announced a proposal for a rule change. Above all, the changes should allow greater gender equality (higher female quota).

Now, the board of directors of the International Shooting Sports Federation has accepted the changes into the regulations. The new rules in international shooting sports will come into force on January 1, 2018.

Rule changes in shooting sports at a glance

As mentioned above, the changes are mainly for reasons of equality in the program. The rule changes affect shot numbers for women and the introduction of mixed competitions. The goal of the IOC and the ISSF is a 50% share of female athletes in the Olympics.

Higher number of shots for women

Laura Coman ISSF World Cup 2017
From 2018, women in air-rifle qualifications will have 60 shots.

From 2018 women will qualify with air rifle and air pistol with 60 shots instead of 40 shots as previously. Also on the Running Target, the number of shots has been increased to 60 shots and thus adjusted to men’s rules. With the rifle the ladies will shoot 120 times instead of 60.

In Trap and Skeet, the qualifying rounds will be expanded from the previously 75 shots to 125. The higher number of shots for women apply equally to all junior women's competitions.

The Pistol Women event will continue to be 60 shots.

Changes in mixed team competitions

Mixed Team Ukraine at ISSF World Cup 2017
Each nation is allowed to compete in international competitions with 2 mixed teams with air gun and air rifle.

As of 2018, each country will compete in international championships such as the World Cups and World Championships with two mixed-air rifle and air pistol teams. One man and one woman will shoot 40 times in qualifying. The best 5 teams will reach the final.

The final begins with 3 x 5 shots for each team member. This is followed by 2 individual shots. The weakest team is eliminated. This elimination comes again after 19 and 21 shots. In the end 2 teams stay over, whereupon everyone shoots 3 more times. Then the winning mixed team is certain.

The Trap rules for the mixed team change as follows: each shooter shoots at 75 clay targets to qualify. The top 6 mixed teams reach the final. There each team member will alternate in shooting 25 targets in 5 series. This decides the 6th place. Eliminations will continue in five series after 30, 35 and 40 targets.

The two best teams shoot 2 more series per member. This is repeated until a winning team is determined.

Trap Mixed Team Italy at ISSF World Cup 2017
The Trap rules for mixed-team competitions have changed a bit.

Summary of the rule changes of the ISSF from January 1, 2018

For a simple overview, we have summarized the most important rule changes in international shooting sports again.

Increased number of shots for women and juniors

  • 60 shots (instead of 40) for 10 m air rifle and 10 m Women's Air Pistol
  • 60 shots (instead of 40) for Women's Running Target
  • 120 shots (3x40 instead of 3x20) for Women's 50 m and 300 m Rifle
  • 125 targets (instead of 75) for Women's Trap and Skeet
  • The same applies to junior women's competitions

Changes in mixed team competitions

10 m air rifle and 10 m air pistol mixed

  • 2 mixed teams per country
  • Qualification: 40 shots in 50 minutes per team member
  • Final: best 5 mixed teams
  • Final: Elimination after 3 x 5 rounds each and 2 single shots
  • Fight for 1st place: 3 shots per team member

Trap Mixed

  • Qualification: 75 shots per team member
  • Final: best 6 teams
  • Final: 25 targets in five series for each team
  • Final: further K.O system after series of 5
  • Fight for 1st place: another five shots series for each team member

In addition to these changes, there are other small changes. The full set of rules is now available for download on the ISSF website.

From January 1, 2018, all ISSF championships will include these rules until the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. However, they are only valid for international competitions. 


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