Live on site: the 2017 IPSC Handgun World Championships in France

Of course we can't miss the big event in dynamic shooting in 2017. We have exclusively sent a team to France for the IPSC Handgun World Championship to report live from the main competitions from August 28th.

Our team at IPSC World Shoot XVIII: Marijan Loch

IPSC shooter Marijan Loch
Our shooter at the 2017 World Cup: Marijan Loch joins the Classic Division. Here at the World Shoot XVII.

Marijan Loch is multiple winner of German IPSC and European Steel Challenge Championships. He is member of the German National Team since 2004 an represented Germany several times at IPSC World Cups and European Championships. Furthermore he is part of the SIG Sauer Shooting Team. Marijan Loch has alreday won more than 40 international Level III IPSC matches.

In the IPSC World Shoot XVIII in France, Marijan Loch represents Germany in his favourite discipline – the Classic Division. As a longtime writer for the journal "caliber" he is now for at the Handgun World Championship 2017. He doesn't only take part actively in the competition, but also reports on the exciting matches every day.

You can look forward to it right now, because on Monday 28th of August 2017, you will find a live report with pictures of the world championship at, supported on our social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram). There is hardly any better coverage than an active participant who has experienced the competitions emotionally.

Equipment of Marijan Loch for the Classic Division 

At the IPSC Handgun World Championship 2017 in France, our shooter Marijan Loch joins the Classic Division. This division of the IPSC is the home of the classic Colt M1911 Government in all its models and brands. 

IPSC Handgun World Championship 2017 in France
Marijan Loch in action at the USPSA Limited 10 Nationals.

Marijan Loch is using his trusty "old" Classic match gun – a SIG Sauer Custom 1911 pistol with INFINITY top end. Its life began as a SIG Sauer 1911 Stainless Target chambered in .45 ACP.

A gun technician converted the pistol into the caliber 9mm Luger using an INFINITY top end. 

With the resulting SIG Sauer Custom 1911 pistol, Marijan Loch has already won several German championships.

In addition, we have a video team in the starting holes for the IPSC World Cup 2017. With this we provide you with videos of the Handgun World Shoot XVIII via our social media channels (Facebook and YouTube).

IPSC Handgun World Championship 2017 in France – the home of Eric Grauffel

The 37-year-old model athlete Eric Grauffel is a serial winner of seven European and six world championships since 1998. Now the undisputed champ in the IPSC world is determined to crown his unparalleled career by picking up a seventh world championship title in his home country.

Eric Grauffel in action
The 2017 IPSC Handgun Worldshoot Championship will take place in France. Home advantage for the IPSC legend Eric Grauffel.
IPSC shooter Saul Kirsch in the Open Division
Saul Kirsch is among the favorites to take a podium place in der Open Division of the 2017 IPSC Worldshoot Championship.

Already a holder of five world and European championship titles in the Open Division (full house race guns with illuminated dot sights and compensator) and one world and European championship title in the Production Division (service pistols in 9×19 mm with mechanical sights), Saul is now determined to bring home the bacon in the Standard Division.

The Standard Division mainly involves sports pistols in .40 S&W with mechanical sights that are required to fit into a box with the dimensions 225×150×45 mm.

He already took the title at the 2016 European Handgun Championship (EHC) in Felsötárkány, Hungary, and now he’s keen to add the world championship in this weapons division. 

The National Shooting Center at the 2017 IPSC Handgun Worldshoot Championship in France

Run by the French governing body Fédération Française de Tir, the National Shooting Center is located in the Loire Valley in the heart of France. The 81-hectare facility is home to 45 apartments, administrative buildings, a sports shooting museum and the following ranges: sixty 10-meter ranges, sixty 25-meter ranges, eighty 50-meter ranges, two 50-meter ranges for running targets, forty 100- and 200-meter ranges, and eighty 300-, 500- and 600-meter ranges.

Timm Eggert at the IPSC German Championships 2016
Timm Eggert pocketed a title in the Production Division at the 2016 German Championships. How will he perform at the 2017 IPSC Worldshoot Championship in France?

It also has a sports clay center for shotgun shooters with five rigs for trap, skeet and double trap, as well as an indoor hall for finals in the 10-, 25- and 50-meter distances.

The shooting center in Châteauroux-Déols was actually finished in 2017. If you would like to learn more about the state-of-the-art shooting ranges, you can download the information brochure of the French Shooting Center here.

The matches of the IPSC Handgun World Shoot XVIII

Around 30 courses will be built for the 2017 IPSC Handgun Worldshoot Championship in the divisions Open, Standard, Production, Classic and Revolver. The 1,500 best shooters from across the globe will fire more than 500 rounds during each circuit.

The stages are all varied. No parcours are the same. By the way, the exercises are already known and can already be viewed in advance and - at least in the head - be passed through. Here you can download and view the 30 planned stages of the IPSC World Cup 2017 in France as a document.

Everything about IPSC handgun divisions you find in our article IPSC shooting disciplines.

GECO: official ammo for the tournament

GECO was picked as the official competition ammo. It can already be ordered for each shooter from the 2017 IPSC Worldshoot Championship website. GECO Hexagon is available in 9 mm Luger in addition to full-metal jacket versions in the calibers 9 mm, .40 S&W, .45 Auto and .38 Super Auto.

IPSC Revolverschütze Sascha Back
The German marksman Sascha Back is among the best of the bunch in the Revolver Division.

We’ll be reporting live from the venue at to keep you abreast of the latest developments!

Stay up-to-date with breaking news and results at

So what is IPSC? The answer you will find in our article: IPSC shooting: What kind of shooting sport?

Overview: the complete schedule for the 2017 IPSC Worldshoot Championship

Thursday & Friday, August 17–18

IROA Level II Chief Range Officer Seminar

Saturday, August 19

IROA First Aid Seminar, arrival of the officials 

Sunday, August 20

Officials on the shooting range; registration and equipment check for the 1st warmup competition

Monday, August 21

Morning: final inspection; registration and equipment check for the 1st warmup competition; afternoon: 1st warmup competition of regional directors, officials and sponsors

Tuesday & Wednesday, August 22–23

1st warmup competition of regional directors, officials and sponsors. Accreditation and equipment check for the 1st warmup competition

Thursday to Saturday, August 24–26

2nd warmup competition of officials and sponsors; registration and equipment check for athletes in the main competition; General Assembly of IPSC Regional Directors

Sunday, August 27

Opening ceremony and official welcome of the athletes; registration and equipment check for the main competition

Monday, August 28 to Saturday, September 2

Main competition at the IPSC Handgun Worldshoot Championship XVIII

Sunday, September 3

Shoot-off and presentation ceremony

Visit the XVIII Handgun Worldshoot Championship website to learn more about the competition.


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