SHOT Show 2017: impressions of the Industry Day at the Range

Las Vegas always grabs you. Clear blue skies, a pleasant climate and something else we just can’t wait to see: All of the latest firearms, presented in public for the first time. But before the show opens its doors at the heart of Las Vegas, the industry’s movers and shakers head off for a get-together in the desert. Boulder Shooting Range, the venue for Industry Day, lies around 30 miles outside of Las Vegas. Buses whisk the guests out into the desert. The journey takes an hour, and we are raring to go: Alex, Franco, Dario, Luca, Stefan, Giorgio and Peter set off. Five of them straight to Boulder, the other two somewhere else. Why? It’s simple: SIG Sauer is presenting its latest products (firearms, ammunition, optics) in a traditionally exclusive function about an hour away in the opposite direction. So what? We’ll manage.

What struck us about the new firearms at Industry Day 2017?

First off we will give you a brief outline of how the day progressed and what our team experienced. It’s probably best you settle back and enjoy the video: We certainly had plenty of fun – as we hope you can tell.

Manufacturers and new firearms at Industry Day 2017

GLOCK didn’t have much up its sleeve. But what it did whip out was impressive as usual. The GLOCK 42 in caliber .380 and the GLOCK 43 in 9×19 mm. Both of them high-end products for self-defense and professional deployment. Almost all the models in the Slim Line with M.O.S. were also presented for testing on the range. But these products have already hit the stores. We also saw the G17, G19 and G34 in 9 mm, as well as the G35 chambered in caliber .40 and the G40 in 10 mm Auto. Click here for all our news and articles on the rich tradition of GLOCK and its products.

MINOX presented a brand-new spotting scope. More on that in the coming days. You can catch a brief glimpse in the video. Besides that, of course, the company presented its familiar range of rifle scopes for hunting and sport.

Alex Losert holding the RUGER small caliber rifle
Our editor Alex was among the first people in the world to hold a RUGER small caliber rifle.

Also on the menu: RUGER’s spanking new rifle, the American Rimfire® Target. This small-caliber rifle is available in three calibers and was principally developed with sports shooters in mind. The manufacturer’s recommended retail price in the US is US$499. Click here for more information about the new small caliber rifle by RUGER.

COLT turned up with a real surprise: The Cobra is making a comeback in .38 caliber after an eleven-year (!) hiatus. Of course we had to shoot it. Amazing. Click here for the news. COLT also came packing the Combat Commander and Delta Elite models. More on them later.

A guest at the Industry Day at the Range, SHOT Show 2017
Journalists and dealers get the chance to test the latest products at Industry Day, organized as part of SHOT Show.

Of course the new all-steel pistol chambered in 9 mm by HUDSON Manufacturing, model H9, had to be part of the show. A 1911 with Browning slide, but seven new patents and a very low bore axis. The brilliantly conceived and truly eye-catching campaign by the small American manufacturer on social media in the US praised the model as a genuine innovation. Our view of the Hudson H9: Great pistol and truly innovative – click here to get the low-down.

The Spanish manufacture Bergara also had something new to present: The model B-14 HMR, another affordable bolt-action rifle in the B14 line for hunters and sports shooters. You’ll find the details and specs here.

SHOT Show 2017: What else we noticed and what we’ll be writing about soon

We had the opportunity to take a good look at almost all the models at the range and even shoot some of them. But now we’ll need a little time to shift through our material and put it together as news and photos for your enjoyment. We hope this short preview has whetted your appetite.

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