HIT Show gets bigger every year: 36,000 visitors at Vicenza Trade Fair

HIT Show 2016
Stefano Fiocchi, the President of ANPAM (left)Matteo Marzotto (middle) the President of the Vicenza Trade Fair and Corrado Facco, the General Manager of the Vicenza Trade Fair

HIT Show consolidates its role as the point of reference for enthusiasts and an international business platform for the target sports and hunting sectors in Italy.

The second HIT Show, which ended on 15 February 2016, organised by the Vicenza Trade Fair and ANPAM (the National Association of Italian Arms and Ammunitions Manufacturers), in collaboration with the armoury associations ASSOARMIERI and CONARMI, recorded a strong increase in the number of visitors, with praise from both the public and exhibitors for the quality of the event, the moments of in-depth analysis, the organisational capacity and the modern infrastructure. 

During the 3-day event, 36,000 people crowded the pavilions of the Vicenza Trade Fair, up 16% on last year’s attendance. On the basis of what exhibitors are saying, the people visiting the HIT Show knew exactly what they wanted, were well informed and interested in buying; most of the visitors were enthusiasts, buyers and market operators. 

Confirming the international profile of the HIT Show, there were buyers from the Baltic Republics, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Malta, Poland, Serbia, South Africa, Spain, the UK and the USA. 

Beretta at HIT Show 2016

Some comments about HIT Show 2016 from the industry:

Daniele Piva, Sales Manager at Beretta

Over the years there's been a considerable increase in attendance at this Trade Fair, proving there's a trend towards investing in international markets. This year we played host to various Baltic armouries in collaboration with the Vicenza Trade Fair. 

The results from a variety of sectors were very positive, including skeet shooting, rifle hunting and the tactical world, which all showed considerable growth. Today, the HIT SHOW is the event of reference in Italy, and the intention is for it to become the point of reference also at a European level. We all - manufacturers, the trade fair, associations, categories, armouries – need to believe in promoting the Italian target shooting sector even more, which is a world leader.

Benelli at HIT Show 2016

Roberto Massarotto, Marketing Manager of Benelli Armi Spa:

HIT Show is the ideal showcase for presenting new products, as the event is scheduled for the beginning of the year and you're in direct contact with a variety of customers. The event is an excellent chance to meet the public, and we've been able to talk to many different people. We're more than satisfied also considering the high attendance and the excellent organisation both before and during the event.”

Achille Berti
Achille Berti, Bignami Sales Manager. Bignami is one of the biggest Italian distributors for international brands like RWS, GECO, ZEISS, SIG Sauer, GLOCK and many others
Bignami "multi brand" presentation at HIT Show 2016

Achille Berti, Bignami Sales Manager:

This is the eighth year running we're here at Vicenza, so we've followed the fair as it evolves. 

We're very pleased also because the Show improves every year and today it's become a point of reference in Italy. For us, it's important to participate at the HIT SHOW to come face-to-face with the market. 

Our company works entirely with retailers, but being at an Event with such a high attendance gives us a chance to see how consumers’ requirements are developing. From our point of view, the HIT SHOW is a fine chance to relaunch the Italian market.” 

Stefano Pedersoli, Marketing Manager of Davide Pedersoli & C. Snc

Stefano Perdersoli, Marketing Manager Pedersoli Davide&C Scn:

HIT SHOW is a point of reference for all enthusiasts in Italy. For us it was a unique chance to meet customers from all over Italy, from Austria and Germany, as well as the many visitors from central and southern regions too. The incoming event organised by the Vicenza Trade Fair is very important for the growth of our business, as we were able to invite buyers from America and South Africa. We met many muzzle-loading hunters, and others too. Some new customers were very interested in the historical side. Furthermore, for the HIT SHOW we created an exhibition of arms used in the film Revenant staring Leonardo Di Caprio.”


We participate in many Shows in the USA with other big American names. The Italian brands seem small but here at the HIT SHOW you'll be pleasantly surprised by the quality. Most of the visitors were Italian, but there were some from abroad too. I found the organisation to be excellent and I'd be happy to come back next year.” 

Gun Trade World Magazine - Mark Peacock (Regno Unito):

The Show was a fine example of how the Italian market is innovative and followed by many enthusiasts. The fact that many companies choose the HIT SHOW as a platform to launch their products before the IWA trade show proves how important the Vicenza Show has become. Foreign companies wishing to enter into business agreements with Italian companies should make a date in their calendar to make sure they don't miss the 2017 HIT SHOW”.

Marzio Maccacaro
Marzio Maccacaro held a press conference at the HIT show to introduce the new Fiocchi hunting ammunition for the company's 140th anniversary
Fiocchi at HIT Show 2016
The Fiocchi booth at HIT Show 2016

Marzio Maccacaro, Sales manager of Fiocchi Munizioni Spa:

We were eager to participate at the HUNTING SHOW from the start. There's been a lot of enthusiasm at the Vicenza Trade fair in recent years, in particular from the new directors and for the HIT SHOW. 

Our company believes in being an integral part of this new project, promoting Italian brands, but also and especially in terms of B2B and internationalisation. 

Italy, in fact, with the quality products it offers in this sector, must have an outlet for the major players, encouraging them to approach new markets, promoting a sector that creates jobs. HIT SHOW plays this role; it's a point of reference in which we must continue to invest and which must continue to develop, to bring in quality customers.”            

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