Save the date: Hermann Historica Fine Antique and Modern Firearms Auction – February 2, 2022

The echo of the success achieved by Hermann Historica with its auction of fine antique and modern firearms held at the end of November 2021 has not yet faded and it is already time to think about the new date. The next antique and modern firearms auction, in fact, will be held on February 2, 2022, at the headquarters of the Bavarian house in the usual manner that our loyal readers are already familiar with. Even in the next sale, there will be no lack of valuable antique and modern firearms, and browsing through the virtual catalog we have found some real gems that we want to bring to your attention.

Dreyse needlefire revolver in 0.39 caliber

1865 Dreyse needlefire revolver.
Lot 9234 is an unusual 1865 Dreyse needlefire revolver.

At lot number 9234 we find a forerunner of the wheelgun, the Dreyse needlefirie revolver of 1865. This is a very unusual gun, based on the percussion system invented by the German Johann Nikolaus von Dreyse and used in many handguns and rifles, including the 1841 model that was the service rifle of the Prussian army for thirty years, during which it was one of the fastest and most accurate weapons of its time. The Dreyse revolver for sale at Hermann Historica is in 0.39 caliber (Prussian inch), with serial number 5053. The octagonal barrel has a rifled bore and measures 4.7”/120 mm, the sight is dovetail mounted on a small ramp. The cylinder has a six-shot capacity and the trigger is double-action. The trigger and trigger guard are polished white while the rest of the gun has a redone bluing that is not original. The grip is one-piece light walnut with fine checkering and lanyard ring. The starting price for this old-time revolver is 1200 euros.

Walther-Manurhin PP Sport in .22 Long Rifle caliber

The Walther-Manurhin PP Sport in .22 Long Rifle caliber 
The Walther-Manurhin PP Sport in .22 Long Rifle caliber was an attempt to transform a gun born essentially for self defense into a sporting pistol.

At lot 9428 we find a very interesting pistol, which represented an attempt to transform a weapon born essentially for defensive use into a sporting pistol. It is in fact a Walther-Manurhin PP Sport. At the end of the Second World War, German companies were forbidden to produce firearms, and then the reborn Walther in 1952 contracted the French Manufacture de Machines du Haut-Rhin the production of the Model PP. The license was valid until 1986 and over a period of more than thirty years the Alsatian company manufacured various sporting variants of the pistol, chambered in .22 Long Rifle and fitted with a 150 mm barrel, adjustable sights and an oversized plastic or wood grip that was often adjustable – as on the gun in question. The level of workmanship and finish was equal to that of the Walther, and was often much higher. The example offered for sale by Hermann Historica is in excellent condition, has serial number 64289 and a magazine with a capacity of 10 cartridges. A total of 25,000 of these pistols have been made since 1955, with serial numbers between 50,001 and 75,000. The starting price for this really interesting pistol is only 150 euros, although it is very likely that it will go up in the course of the auction.

Miroku Special Police Model .38 Special revolver

The Japanese Miroku Special Police revolver
The Japanese Miroku Special Police revolver in .38 Spl. with its original box.

Lot 9540 is another handgun with a low starting price but with a great interest for scholars and collectors of revolvers: it is a Miroku Special Police revolver in .38 Special caliber with 6-shot cylinder, manufactured in Japan from 1967 to 1984 by Miroku Firearms Manufacturing Co, of Kochi, mainly for the Japanese police. Made with barrel lengths of 2.5 and 4 inches, this revolver did not have the desired success among police forces and most of the guns were exported to the US where they were marketed under the brand name "Liberty Chief" or "EIG". Miroku revolvers were in fact (very well made) copies of Smith & Wesson Chief's Special with some aesthetic and functional elements of Colt revolvers, such as the cylinder release latch. The Miroku revolver for sale at Hermann Historica has a four-inch barrel, serial number 25028, is fitted with brown plastic grips, and comes in the original cardboard box with yellow silk interior and a certificate of origin. The finish and the level of internal workmanship of this revolver were excellent, as in the best Miroku tradition. The starting price is also in this case very low: 160 euros.

Colt 1911 Russian contract pistol

The Russian contract Colt 1911 in .45 ACP
The Russian contract Colt 1911 in .45 ACP. The starting price is 2,000 euros.
A detail on the Cyrillic marking shown on the barrel
A detail on the Cyrillic marking shown on the barrel, which roughly translates into "English order".

Lot 9628 is a classic for military pistols collectors: it is in fact a Colt 1911 in .45 ACP caliber belonging to the so called Russian contract. In the years 1916-17 the Russian Army, being left without individual weapons, ordered to Colt about 51,000 commercial Colt 1911 pistols with serial numbers between C23000 to C89000. The purchase was made through the intermediary of the British government and for this reason on the left side of the slide of pistols belonging to this supply bear the Cyrillic inscription "АНГЛ. ЗАКАЗЬ" which means "Engl.(ish) order". The gun offered for auction was made in 1916 and has the serial number C84064, which means that it is among the last pistols in the lot. On the left side of the slide are rolled the markings "PATENTED APR. 20.1897. SEPT.9.1902, DEC. 19. 1905. FEB.14.1911. AUG 19.1913 / COLT'S PT. F.A. MFG. CO./HARTFORD CT. U.S.A." The gun is in good condition, with original checkered walnut grips, but has been re-blued. The two-tone magazine has also been re-blued, and has a lanyard loop. The starting price for this Russian contract Colt 1911 is 2,000 euros. 

Mauser P08 Banner in 9mm Parabellum

Mauser P08 "Banner" in 9 Parabellum caliber
Lot 9786 is a Mauser P08 "Banner" in 9 Parabellum caliber with 4-inch barrel manufactured in 1940.

A great classic: lot 9786 is a Mauser P08 "Banner" pistol in 9 Parabellum caliber with 4 inch barrel manufactured in 1940, with serial number 1515x and Waffenamt code 655 repeated twice on the right side. The date of manufacturing is clearly engraved on the chamber and the toggle bears the Mauser trademark (Mauser Banner) from which this version takes its name. According to Jan C. Still, author of the book "Third Reich Lugers", page 142, there are only 500 examples of this version intended for the Waffen SS. The gun shows some signs of time on the metal parts and comes with an holster and disassembly tool, both not original. It is, however, an interesting collector's piece, certainly destined to fetch a much higher price than the starting one, which is 1200 euros.

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