Hermann Historica: fine antique and modern firearms auction on October 24, 2022, and Binker Collection on October 25, 2022 – We present selected highlights

The  October 2022 “Fine antique and modern firearms” auction catalog from Hermann Historica. (Click to go directly to the catalog.).

At the end of October 2022, the auctions at Hermann Historica, which specializes in historical pieces, will continue. More precisely, on October 24, 2022. Here, friends of rare and particular firearms will get their money's worth. The event will take place in the premises of the German auction house in Munich as a presence auction. Start is 10:00 a.m. clock.

Hermann Historica catalog: the Binker Collection. (Click to go directly to the catalog.)

But this time it goes straight on: because for the firearms collector also the auction of the Binker collection taking place on 25 October 2022 offers many opportunities! At all4shooters.com, we have once again taken a look at the catalog and selected some of the (subjectively) most interesting pieces to present to you a little closer here.

However, as usual with Hermann Historica, you can already find the complete auction catalog online. Not only does it provide an overview of all lots, but it is also an exciting read for sections of the history of firearms. Most lots have several, high-quality photos. You can find the catalog on the Hermann Historica auction house website.

Highlights of the Hermann Historica auction on October 24, 2022

Lot 1096 at Hermann Historica: pair of pistols, circa 1850, 11.5 mm caliber.

Lot 1096: a deluxe cased pair of percussion pistols from France

Our overview starts in France around the year 1850 with lot 1096, which is a pair of deluxe percussion pistols in 11.5 mm caliber. They are marked "Thmas Rue de Rivoli 6 a Paris". The master refined them with a fine tendrils engraving (also in the area of the percussion locks), carved ebony stocks and a numbering inlaid in gold. In the area of the lock plate and counter plate respectively, there is a small stress crack in the stocks. The barrels are rifled, but appear somewhat rough. In addition to the guns, the lot also includes the box (49x27x8.5 cm) and tools, which originally did not belong to the set. For this, the set starts at 9,000 euros. 

Lot 1036: Bohemian tschinke wheellock rifle, around 1650

Lot 1036: tschinke wheellock rifle, circa 1650, in 11 mm caliber. It starts at Hermann Historica at 9.500 euro.

We continue with a genuine work of art from the 17th century: Lot 1036 is a Bohemian tschinke wheellock rifle, circa 1650, in 11 mm caliber. Presumably, the piece comes from Teschen. The rifle features an octagonal barrel with an eight-groove rifled bore. Hammer and the lock plate are engraved with exquisite tendrils. The full walnut stock indicates the hunting purpose of the gun. It is decorated with rich inlays of engraved and blackened bone and mother-of-pearl. On the cheek piece, the depiction of an eagle taking down a hare. On the butt opposite the viewer can discover two reclining stags. This work of craftsmanship art will be auctioned off at least at 9.500 euro.

Lot 1324 + 1325: two rare Walther P 38 Model S pistols, Georg von Stavenhagen

Lot 1324: the short version of the Walther P 38 modified by Georg von Stavenhagen starts at Hermann Historica at 5.000 euro.

For those interested in more modern pieces, Hermann Historica also has two real highlights in the catalog with lots 1324 and 1325: two Walther P 38 pistols by the renowned gunsmith Georg von Stavenhagen.  This eccentric character, who was born in Russia and fled to Paris to escape the terror of the October Revolution, began a career as a stage designer; then, he moved to Berlin, where he became a successful photographer, but also became interested in guns. In fact, he patented the white-dot sights for pistols, dating from 1962. This Luger series is said to include only seven pieces in total, two of which are now coming under the hammer at Hermann Historica! Both models are tuned guns from Walther supplied components and from Wehrmacht left-overs.

Lot 1325 at Hermann Historica's October auction: the long variant of the Walther P 38 modified by Georg von Stavenhagen.

The pistol in lot 1324 comes in caliber 9mm Luger and with a barrel length of 100 millimeters. The sights and hammer in particular have been modified. Stavenhagen fitted the trigger with a trigger stop. He also modified the safety. The pistol comes with a neatly matching anodized aluminum rear backstrap. The gun carries serial No. 305091 and features a mirror-finished barrel. Price starts at 5.000 euro.

The similar Model 1325 also comes in 9mm Luger caliber, but with a longer barrel (overall length: 150 mm). The serial number is 3. The otherwise modified parts are similar to those of lot 1324. Both pistols have full bluing and come to the buyer as new. Lot 1325 also starts at 5.000 euro.

Another highlight at Hermann Historica on October 25, 2022: the Binker Collection auction

According to the auction house, the Binker Collection is characterized by "the rarely encountered combination of rarity and excellent preservation. Virtually all the weapons in this collection are in superlative original condition." Lots in this auction range from several Borchardt C93 pistols, to a full Luger chapter, to Code G Krieghoff guns up to 1945.

Also very interesting is lot 2249, a Luger American Eagle Cartridge Counter pistol for sale at 35,000 euros (starting price).

Arguably one of the highlights of the collection is a genuine “Cartridge Counter”, American Eagle Parabellum DWM Mod. 1902 in 9mm Luger from 1908. The matching-numbered gun bears serial No. 22408. The firing pin and safety come without a serial number. The pistol features a 100 mm long "fat barrel". The Luger features a V-notch rear sight and comes with an original straw-colored flat extractor. The pistol has a grip safety. Externally, the chamber area comes with American Eagle, and the front toggle link is emblazoned with a DWM logo. Almost certainly, the bluing is original. All the controls have been left completely straw-colored, while the small parts have been blued. The walnut grips with fine checkering also bear matching serial numbers.  On the left, the viewer discovers the name-giving “cartridge counter” window, numbered from 1 to 7. The nickel-plated magazine with wooden base and both lateral metal discs is unnumbered. The first bid starts at 35.000 euro.

As always, this is only our selection, there are many more lots to be discovered, also from other themes. The catalogs of Hermann Historica are all on the web (click on Buy and then on Current Auctions). There you will find more offers on arts and crafts, antiquities, Asian art, antique arms and armor, and militaria. Have fun browsing the offers!

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