European Steel Challenge 2017: match report and results

This year, the European Steel Challenge (ESC) celebrated a big birthday. Ten years have passed since this kind of action shooting on steel plates took place in Holland. Congratulation!

As every year, the organizers chose from eight possible exercises the Steel Challenge has to offer. The five challenges of ESC 2017 were: Hope & Smoke, Five to Go, Roundabout, Outer Limits and Speed Option.

European Steel Challenge 2017 competitors

The shooting range in the Dutch city of Winterswijk, which is only a proverbial stone throw from the German border, is located in the cellar of the sports center. So you can follow the course of your sport regardless of the weather.

A total of 298 shooters from 13 countries competed for a hundredths of a second in a sporty, fair comparison. Even from overseas, more precisely from the USA and Brazil, shooters were aroused to attend this spectacle.

Rimfire Division at European Steel Challenge 2017
Small rimfire guns with and without illuminated spotlights represented about a quarter of all starts at the European Steel Challenge 2017.
Open Division at European Steel Challenge 2017
With around 70 participants in the European Steel Challenge still popular: the Open Division, where just about everything of technology is allowed what makes shooting faster.

As in previous years, the Standard Pistol Division with 110 starters was the most popular. After that, the Open Pistol Division already followed with 70 participants. The Open Rimfire Division, in which preferably starts with small caliber guns with red dot sight, recorded 41 shooters. Plus 35 shooters with mechanical sights. Thus, small caliber occupies almost a quarter of all starting places, with a presumably further upward trend.

European Steel Challenge 2017 match report

A total of about 45,000 rounds were fired, until Sunday afternoon on the way to victory. The results of the top five in each category are summarized in the tables, all further results can be found on the organizer's website at

Winner of the Open Division at the European Steel Challenge 2017
Winner at the European Steel Challenge 2017: the Open Division won Saul Kirsch (middle) ahead of Augusto Ribas (right) and Jan ter Borg.

The European Steel Challenge is also characterized by a fairly large price. A total of five handguns from GLOCK, Schmeisser and Tanfoglio went to the top finishers of each category. For each participant there was again a can of Vihtavuori reloading powder, which allows to refill the cartridges.

Moreover, brands like Aimpoint, Guga Ribas, Blackhawk!, Brunox, Hornady, Hendricks Wappen & Munitie, SAM Wappenmagazine, Bunker 501, Dutch Shooting Supply, S.B.Jaspers,, Dillon Precision, Van Mulekom, S.P.S, Hofman Top Sport, Lapua, Hepta, Dutch Firearms Trading, TDM, Caliber, Double Alpha Academy, Ghost Holster, Sellier & Bellot, Wapenhandel Slender and 5.11 Tactical made sure that the price table was richly covered.

Top 5 category results of the European Steel Challenge 2017

Open Pistol

1.Saul Kirsch65,91
2.Augusto Ribas70,49
3.Jan ter Borg71,90
4.Dennis Wagenaars72,63
5.Trenton Mitsuoka77,25

Open Revolver

1.Sascha Back73,25
2.Markus Schneider80,51
3.Chi Hong Ho81,46
4.Harry ter Borg84,18
5.Thomas Exner86,56

Open Rimfire

1.Augusto Ribas53,66
2.Endre Laszlo58,02
3.Kahraman Selcuk59,91
4.József Kiss60,29
5.Jan ter Borg61,70

Standard Pistol

1.József Kiss80,20
2.Sascha Back84,90
3.Gabor Tanacs87,93
4.Tino Schmidt88,59
5.Peter Szarvas89,60

Standard Revolver

1.Sascha Back84,01
2.Markus Schneider86,84
3.Harry ter Borg94,47
4.Thomas Exner96,17
5.Chi Hong Ho104,95

Standard Rimfire

1.Endre Laszlo58,40
2.József Kiss61,55
3.Gabor Tanacs62,03
4.Laurent Perrot73,48
5.Philipp Wessels76,04

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