ENFORCE TAC 2018: overview of the new products

With 242 exhibitors from all over the world and some 1700 participants, Enforce Tac 2018 confirmed a positive trend and its role as a stage where new solutions and products related to  law enforcement, police equipment, security and tactical solutions are showed. The specialist exhibition, which is open to trade visitors from official agencies only, was held in Nuremberg (Germany) in the days immediately before the IWA, from March 7-8. It also offered some top-class conferences, meetings and events, such as the European Police Trainer Conference (EPTC). 

Enforce Tac 2018: some highlights

Enforce Tac 2018 took advantage of a much larger exhibition area where new products in the area of service weapons, ammunition, ballistic accessories, optics and optronics and vehicles (even UAV and drones) were displayed. Of course, that's means that a really large number of products were showcased in the fair's booths. Some of them had been already introduced in the last few weeks in other specialized exhibitions around the world. Others were real novelties instead. 

New sniper rifle from Steyr at Enforce Tac

The new bolt action rifle SSG M1 from Steyr Mannlicher
The new bolt action rifle SSG M1 in .338 Lapua Mag. or .308 Win. showcased by Steyr Mannlicher at Enforce Tac 2018.

Among the most well-known “big brands”, Steyr presented for the first time to the public the SSG M1. Chambered in .338 Lapua Mag. or .308 Win., it's a highly accurate bolt-action multicaliber sniper rifle featuring a folding, fully adjustable stock, quick-change barrels, a full steel 10-round magazine and ambidextrous controls.

The KeyMod forend sports top and additional  lower Picatinny rails. Trigger is a 2-stage type. Clearly designed for professionals, according to the manufacturer, the SSG M1 is a “new step in evolution of sniper rifles”.

New APC rifle from B&T at Enforce Tac

The APR308 rifle in cal. .308 Win. from B&T
B&T added the APR308 rifle in cal. .308 Win. to the APC rifle family.
APC308 rifle from B&T: receiver
B&T is offering the APC308 rifle in two versions: a Carbine version with a 13″ barrel and a DMR version with a 18,9″ barrel.

At Enforce Tac 2018 B&T took a new model of its APC rifle family, the APC308. As you probably guessed from the name, it's chambered in .308 Win/7.62x51 and can be considered a “big brother” of the APC family, that now comprised all major calibers (9x19 mm, .45 ACP, 5.56x45 mm/223 Rem., .300 Blackout/.300 Whisper).

With the other APC rifles it shares the same ergonomics and fully ambidextrous controls. The APC308 is offered in two versions – a carbine version with a 13 in / 330 mm barrel and the APC308 – DMR with a 18.9 in / 480 mm barrel. Operators can choose between five different stock options. 

New AR-15 rifle from Haenel at Enforce Tac

Also chambered in .308 Win/7.62x51 is the new Haenel CR 308 rifle. A full-grown version of the AR-based CR 223 series, the CR 308  is available in four barrel lengths: 14.5 "(368 mm), 16.5" (420 mm), 18” (457 mm) and 20" (508 mm).

The handguard is KeyMod compatible. The 6-position adjustable stock can be changed with any AR-15 milspec stock and the rifle comes standard with a 20-round plastic Magpul magazine.

The new AR-15 platform rifle CR 308 from Haenel.
The new AR-15 platform rifle is to complement the CR223 line of products.

Enforce Tac: innovation and new ideas

Tanfoglio surprised us with a prototype pistol. It's a 9mm semi-striker fired gun, featuring “progressive” front and back serrations, fully ambidextrous controls, low profile sights and three safety systems (manual, automatic on the trigger and firing pin). It's so new that it hasn't even a name yet, but they told us that this new pistol will be available before the end of this year. Let's wait and see.

Striker fired pistol Usw-P 9x19 from B&T
Another innovation from B&T: the new striker fired pistol Usw-P 9x19.

Enforce Tac isn't only for well-established brands, anyway: it also offers new companies and innovation. For instance the Dart system, a next-gen virtual firearms trainer whose best qualities are portability (since it can be used anywhere), affordability (a complete system costs less than 5,500 euro) and easy of use. It's designed for anyone to operate without requiring a dedicated administrator or specialized training and allows you to train more frequently and with more intensity without additional cost. 

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