Only in the US: Arsenal Firearms becomes Archon Firearms

Arsenal Firearms USA now becomes Archon Firearms. The decision to replace - for the US-market only - the brand name Arsenal Firearms by Archon Firearms when the Company is about to release to the market its innovative STRYK B 9mm pistol has its background in a potential legal trademark problem. As Archon Firearms CEO, Adrian Chavez, explains, “Although we are confident in our legal right to the previous name, we’ve chosen to re-brand to avoid a potentially lengthy delay in the launch of our Type B pistol.”

The STRYK B pistol from Arsenal Firearms and RUAG Ammotec
For all EU-markets: The new premium polymer pistol from Arsenal Firearms and RUAG Ammotec is STRYK B

In fact, the soon to be released Stryk B handgun has been redesignated for the US as the Archon Firearms Type B.

At present we have no information if just the branding on the slide will be changed or if there will be any technical modifications of the low bore axis pistol for the US market, but as Chavez said in his statement, “Unfortunately, the rename does require manufacturing new slides with updated markings, as well as the reissue of an ATF-required marking variance, so some delay is inevitable and we now expect to launch in late Spring.”

EU market not affected by the rebranding

The Archon Firearms logo.
For the US only: Archon Firearms logo

The brand name Arsenal Firearms and the product name STRYK B are not affected for all European markets. Running delivery in EU is granted, as the technology partner RUAG Ammotec confirmed. As a consequence you can simply drop this issue, because it does not affect any EU-market.

All relevant product details and technical specifications of the Arsenal Firearms STRYK B pistol for European customers can be checked at:

Testing the STRYK B pistol by Arsenal Firearms
For all EU markets: We already tested the STRYK B by Arsenal Firearms in the video.

For all our readers in EU:

Here is a first exclusive test from our team of including a live-shooting video.

For our readers in the US:

A website for the US market is "under construction". The URL for the US will be:

More details will most likely be revealed at SHOT Show in January 2018 by Archon Firearms USA and the CEO Adrian Chavez. He is still on board and will for sure manage all the trouble in a professional way. We'll be there and provide a technical update for our US-readers. The MSRP has been announced with 849.- USD.

The first video of the Archon Firearms "Type B" pistol from the Industry Day 2018:

Please have in mind: "Arsenal Inc." is a different company with it's roots in Bulgaria.

The brand name will stay the same, confirmed official representatives in the US in these days. Beginning in 2000, "Arsenal Inc." was founded in Las Vegas, Nevada, for the licensed manufacture of Arsenal products for the movie industry, government agencies and the shooting public.

The history of "Arsenal" dates back to the beginning of 1878, when a special factory called Artillery Arsenal of Rousse was established for the needs of the newly created Bulgarian army. The current website for the US is:


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