/ continues growing: Cross-media enters the market of firearms and ammo

VS Medien booth at IWA 2016
We are pleased with our platform’s growth. Our exhibit booth at the 2016 IWA

Jürgen Flach, HEAD of points out, that hunters, sport shooters, retailers, manufacturers and opinion leaders are the core audiences of / website and Social Media channels. Here is his personal statement from IWA 2016:

„2015 was an exciting year for our  project. We have continued to optimize the way how our international team is set up, generating more synergies between the various language versions and a more effective targeting. Moreover, in November 2015 we improved the content structure of our website for better search results on Google and developed a completely new look and feel, optimized for the needs of sport shooters and hunters. Our focus is, to reach next generation hunters and shooters and to protect the interests of our readers and the interests of the industry as well“.

The success of the new website design has proven their creators right. Alone in December there were over 530,000 visits on (source: Google Analytics, audited by ANES). Users seem to understand that are strongly committed to gun owners’ concerns and serve as an international „forum“ for their interests.

The team also draws on the expertise of VS Medien GmbH, who have decades of experience in the field through their print publications, VISIER, Caliber and SWM (Schweizer Waffen Magazin). We would simply call it an international content production house - as basis of our philosophy and as a signal for a change process in a very conservative market in respect to communication, interaction and buying decisions.

The cross-media principle is at the top of the agenda, says Dirk Schönfeld, Managing Director at VS Medien GmbH:
"Starting with the current issues we will be including the logo on the covers of our German publications. The more we visibly link print and online, the better the proof that cross-media has found a place in our market segment. "

Social Wall at IWA 2016
2016 IWA: Our display on / at the VS Media booth in Hall 7A, stand 412

Additional proof that is gaining a larger audience from year Go year is provided by the increasing number of industry partners. All partners are now Flaggen out on the bottom of HOME, as well as the top 10 articles of the month. / will be on hand again at this year’s IWA OutdoorClassics to provide information in text, pictures and video on the latest and most important innovations, thereby demonstrating that our sites are made by enthusiasts for enthusiasts and that we are working with fans and manufacturers to help master the challenges facing gun owners and the entire sector in the 21st century.

Stand at IWA 2016
IWA 2016: /

Because of our interest in fostering the next generation of enthusiats, / is also lending its support at this year’s IWA to the new activities being sponsored by the publishing company Neumann Neudamm in partnership with gunsmith schools and training centers.

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