celebrates the opening of its brand new office in Rome

Over 30 institutional partners, with many others ready to tell their story on our pages, bring you all the latest news from the sports shooting, hunting and firearms sector.

Three major editorial partnerships on the main European markets, from VS Medien in Germany to CAFF Editrice in Milano and Lugari Video in Italy and soon another important new mediapartner from Russia.

More than 500,000 visits per month and in constant growth, which this year reached 30%, compared to the same period in 2015, so our new goal of one MILLION is not that far away.

It was clear, as things stand, we needed a new base in Italy to meet your expectations and be nearer to where “it's happening” - also on a political level.   

We remained in Rome, but transferred our office to the EUR, the Italian capital's prestigious business district.

Just a few steps away from the Ministry of Economic Development, right on the corner with the Unicredit Bank headquarters near other prestigious Italian stakeholder HQs like ENI, the Italian Post Office, TIM, and the brand new Cloud Convention Center designed by Massimiliano Fuksas.

It's a beautiful place, the perfect location for our editorial staff, but also the perfect place to hold technical and business meetings.

A small party for colleagues and friends, a welcoming party for the new office, and a quick break in a 3-day full-immersion meeting to get business going. celebrates the opening of its brand new office located in the EUR Business District in Rome
office's new office main entrance and interiors.
Alessia Morani and Juergen Flach
Italian MP, Hon. Alessia Morani, expressed her praise for the web project to its General Manager, Juergen Flach

The Italian MP Alessia Morani was also there, and expressed her enthusiasm for important Italian cultural and entrepreneurial activities like hunting, target shooting and sporting arms.

Morani also had words of praise for the structure of the ALL4SHOOTERS project, an international and internationalized project, based on international cooperation at the very highest levels, creating jobs and offering real support for markets of reference.

It was also an honor to have Senator Luciano Rossi, who is also the long-standing president of the FITAV Italian Target Shooting Federation, with whom we are studying projects and strategies to promote shooting sports in general at the highest levels.

It was a pleasure to see the “great” Frinchillucci from the armories' association, who's been a good friend for many years.

Luciano Rossi 
Italian Senator Hon. Luciano Rossi, also FITAV president, thanks the staff and journalists of / for the continuous international support to the world of all shooting and hunting activities
Andrea Aromatico
Dr. Andrea Aromatico showcases the increasing objectives that the web platform reached this year and its future plans
Staff's young but competent and dynamic editorial staff at work
Franco Palamaro
Franco Palamaro,' s senior editor a renown photographer in conversation with Jürgen Flach
Tatiana Dubovik
Tatiana Dubovik interpreter and content manager of the Russian language version of the platform

We also took the chance to present the new media partner for the international hunting sector to the Italian team and the German directors: Alessandro Lugari of Lugari Video, a widely renown name in the hunting world.

And of course, if you happen to be in Rome, come visit us, we'll welcome you too with open arms.

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