What is AFEMS?

AFEMS is a non-profit organization which was set up in 1951 to continue the work started in 1898 by the International Ammunition Convention, founded on the principles of cooperation and dialogue. AFEMS provides a forum for its network of Members and a means of responding effectively to technical, scientific and legislative challenges.  

AFEMS is regularly conducting some of the most advanced programs in terms of safety, environmental protection and legislative developments in our field, and takes over the function of a spokesperson of the Industry in the most important platforms at European and United Nation level.

In 2016 the Association of AFEMS will celebrate its 65th anniversary: the continuous expansion for such a long time evidences that all Members Companies recognize AFEMS’ ability to obtain regularly concrete positive results for the Industry. The goal of AFEMS is anyway to further grow gathering new Members willing to support the expansion of our industry and to contribute to the Association’s activities with their competence and experience. In fact the representativeness is a key element giving strength and credibility to the requests of the market when dealing with the EU Commission offices responsible to emit and amend Directives and Regulations, and even more when political support at EU Parliament and Council level is needed to protect the interests of the industry as well as of all shooters and hunters. 

AFEMS is Member of the European Shooting Sport Forum (ESSF), which is an European platform that integrates the common interests of different Associations related to the firearms and ammunition industry, like civilian firearms producers and distributors, hunting, sport shooters, and collectors.

AFEMS is also Member of the World Forum on Shooting Activities (WFSA), which is an international platform bringing together more than 50 associations, experts and independent bodies from all over the world. It is a UN ECOSOC NGO in Special Consultative Status, which scope is to cooperate and to exchange information relevant to follow the legislation and its implementation at international, regional and national level.

In addition, AFEMS is affiliated to CEFIC, the European Chemical Industry Council, which includes the most important European chemical Companies. Such affiliation allows AFEMS to be stronger in safeguarding the interests of our sector towards the European Institutions and, not less important, to have ready access to sensible information relevant to the firearms and ammunition business.

“We highly feel the importance of doing everything that is possible to defend by restrictions and not justified constraints, frequently motivated by biased interests, a sector that is recognized worldwide for its leadership in quality and innovation and whose value in Europe is represented by impressive figures:

- 18 billion € yearly turnover, which grows to 40 billion € when including the induced activities

- More than 1,800 manufacturers, 200 distributors, 14,000 retailers

- Estimated number of employees in the field of firearms and ammunition manufacturers around 580,000.

-  More than 7 million hunters and 3 million sport shooters”´

If you want to learn more about AFEMS click here: Symposium: Sustainable use of ammunition containing lead

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Mario Ge AFEMS Secretary General

Viale Allegra 26, 28100 Novara - Italy

Tel +39.0321.410670

Fax +39.0321.410670

Mob. +39.335.7249165

Email mario.ge@afems.org

Website www.afems.org

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