Winchester: New Ammunition in 2018

The Winchester ammo catalog for 2018 shows an impressive range of new products for both shotguns and rifles, and for hanguns as well. Here is a fast-forward view of the newest line of Winchester innovative ammunition.

Winchester Deer Season XP ammunition for hunting rifles

As their names imply, the Deer Season XP Copper Impact, Deer Season XP Rifle Ammunition and Deer Season Slug are all specifically designed with deer hunters in mind. 

Deer Season XP Copper Impact

The Deer Season XP Copper Impact  provides a devastating terminal performance on deer, featuring a red polymer-tip for rapid expansion on impact and a hollow-point bullet engineered for optimal terminal performance. In fact, the solid copper bullet design offers improved weight retention for deeper impact. 

It is available in the following calibers - bullet weight, velocity and ballistic coefficient (B.C.) are indicated:

  • .243 Win. (85 gr – velociy TBD – B.C. TBD)
  • .270 Win. (130 gr - 3,060 fps - .360)
  • .30-06 Spring. 150 gr.
  • .308 Win. (150 gr - 2,810 fps - .387) 
  • .300 Win. Mag. (150 gr - 3,260 fps - .387)
Deer Season XP Rifle Ammunition 
The Deer Season XP Rifle Ammunition features a large-diameter polymer tip for rapid expansion upon impact

Deer Season XP  rifle ammunition

The already known and appreciated Deer Season XP rifle ammunition features a  large-diameter polymer tip for rapid expansion upon impact, too. Its alloyed lead core optimizes energy transfer for critical power on impact. Already offered in 15 popular deer-hunting calibers, it's now also available in 25-06 Rem. (117 gr – velocity: 3,100 fps) and 450 Bushmaster (250 gr – velocity: 2,200 fps).

Deer Season Slug Shotgun Bullet

Conceived for states and localities restricted to shotgun use only and designed for use in both smooth bore and rifled barrels, the 12 gauge Deer Season Slug features a unique stabilizing wad resulting in a 1 1/4 oz projectile. This hard-hitting, game-stopping slug is available in 5-rounds boxes at the very interesting price of 6-7 USD per box.

Winchester Xtended Range Bismuth Shotgun Ammunition

The Xtended Range Bismuth is specifically designed for turkey, waterfowl and upland hunting in areas where lead shot is forbidden. Being denser than steel, bismuth shot offers better penetration than standard lead loads. The new Xtended Range Bismuth pairs proprietary Shot-Lok technology that protects the bismuth shot from fracturing, improving pattern density and downrange energy (twice the number of pellets in a 20-inch circle at 60 yards versus standard lead loads). It's available in 12 gauge 3”, with 1 5/8 oz shot and a velocity of 1,200 fps.

Winchester Super Suppressed Ammo

Super Suppressed ammution packagings and pistol with suppressor.
The Super Suppressed line is made specifically for firearms outfitted with suppressors.

Then comes the Super Suppressed line, a new range of subsonic ammo made specifically for firearms outfitted with suppressors. Six rifle/hangun calibers are available: .300 Blackout (200 gr, 1,060 fps), .308 Win. (168 gr, 1,060 fps), 9mm Luger (147 gr 990 fps), .45 auto ( 230 gr, 850 fps), .22 LR (45 gr, 1,090 fps) and .22 Magnum (45 gr 1,060 fps). 

The Super Suppressed line Engineered to be clean and deliver reliable accuracy.

Winchester Hybrid X handgun ammunition

The key features of the Hybrid-X personal defense bullet are its polymer tip that delivers initial impact force and optimizes penetration, a copper-jacketed segmented lead core, and a Hybrid bullet design combining bullet technologies into one innovative new bullet that achieves penetration, expansion and fragmentation all-in-one. The  Hybrid-X is available in 9mm Luger +P, with a 124 gr bullet and a velocity of 1,225 fps.

Winchester USA Forged handgun ammunition

The steel shellcase characterizes the USA Forged ammunition line, 100-percent made in USA and now available in inexpensive 50-round boxes. It's ideal for high-volume range sessions and steel cases can easily pocked up using a magnet. Boxer primers are non corrosive for long storage life. The USA Forged ammo also uses clean-burning power for less barrel fouling. Available in 9mm Luger, 115 gr brass-jacketed lead core.

WInchester USA Forged steel cartridges
The cases of the Winchester USA Forged cartridges are made of steel.
Packaging of the USA Forged ammunition from Winchester
The USA Forged ammo line is made in USA and especially cheap.

Winchester WW2 Victory Series

Lastly, with its WW2 Victory Series Winchester honors the anniversay of World War 2 WWII. In fact, all ammunition include special head stamps and period correct load specifications, with a special package in collector's cartons and wood boxes. Over 2018 and 2019 Winchester will release commemorative wood boxes for the .45 Auto (for M1911 pistols), 30.06 Sprg. (for M1 Garand rifles), .30 Carbine (for M1 carbines) and 12 gauge.

Winchester WW2 Victory Series in caliber .45
The Winchester WW2 Victory Series in .45 caliber for the M1911A1 Pistol.
Winchester WW2 Victory ammunition in .30 caliber
The WW2 Victory Series from Winchester in .30 caliber for the M1 Garand rifle.

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