RWS HIT .30 calibre available now

Previously RWS had only been represented in the lead-free segment by the extremely successful EVO GREEN bullet. Even at long distances this is an extremely precise part-fragmentation projectile which naturally fragments on impact. Now RWS is releasing a second lead-free hunting bullet.

So we asked what makes this new lead-free product by RWS so special? The HIT bullet by RWS possesses a form and mass-stable residual body and hence delivers a particularly deep impact – especially for bone hits. As always, the developers focused on the humane treatment of game, which is ensured thanks to the new non-fragmenting deformation bullet.

The manufacturer has stated that the lightning-quick ballistics with flat trajectory, high velocity and energy transfer on impact guarantee an immediate disabling effect. The so-called RWS HIT matrix is responsible for this, offering a specially engineered bullet tip.

The RWS HIT properties:

RWS HIT Matrix
The RWS HIT-MATRIX: This is a specially engineered bullet tip, explained by the manufacturer in the image above

Features of the new RWS HIT ammunition bullet (introduced by Product Manager Hannes Dikhoff):

The new HIT bullet – what else would one expect from RWS? – comes with the familiar product properties: reliable, effective, precise, and nevertheless easy on the barrel. RWS HIT is the 10th hunting bullet that the manufacturer currently offers.

Here we have the RWS HIT .30 calibre, available since the start of October 2014

Ammunition TypeCalibreBox Contents (units)Price (Euro)
RWS HIT.30-062067,00
RWS HIT.300 Win. Mag.2085,00
RWS HIT .300 Win
On sale now: the new lead-free, mass-stable ammunition RWS HIT – the orange bullet tip makes it immediately recognisable

Manufacturer’s warning for the RWS HIT:

Please do not fire this bullet from polygon barrels; doing so may produce an uncontrolled rise in barrel pressure


Further information: 

Here you can find all you need to know about the new lead-free RWS HIT bullet, including the ballistics data


Here you will find a comparison between the current standard hunting bullet EVOLUTION and HIT 

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