RWS Field Kit: airgun pellets set

If you are still looking for the right pellets for your airgun, the new RWS Field Kit is just right for you. The RWS air rifle pellets in the Field Kit provide an excellent opportunity to test the various types of RWS ammunition for the different areas of field target shooting, silhouette shooting and pest control. The RWS Field Kit consists of RWS FIELD LINE airgun pellets and is therefore suitable for both sport and hunting. 

All air rifle pellets in the Field Line differ in terms of their design and the shape of their heads. And since the best way to find the matching airgun pellets is when you test the products by yourself, the RWS Field Kit lets you test five different air rifle pellets to discover which product best suits your needs.

The RWS Field Kit is available in two calibers and consists of the following products of the Field Line:

RWS Field Kit caliber 4,5mm (.177) consists from a total of 1.000 airgun pellets

  • Box of 200 Superdome 0,54g
  • Box of 200 Superpoint Extra 0,53g
  • Box of 200 Super Field 0,54g
  • Box of 200 Power Ball 0,61g
  • Box of 200 Supermag 0,60g

RWS Field Kit caliber 5,5mm (.22) consists from a total of 500 airgun pellets

  • Box of 100 Superdome 0,94g
  • Box of 100 Superpoint Extra 0,94g
  • Box of 100 Super Field 1,03g
  • Box of 100 Power Piercing 0,89g
  • Box of 100 Super-H-Point 0,92g

Airgun pellets from RWS Field Kit

RWS Superdome
RWS Field Line range: the RWS Superdome airgun pellet


The RWS Superdome airgun pellet has the so-called English bulldog shape with a round head and ribbed body. The peculiar shape and pattern of this pellet allows deep penetration and accuracy, even at long distances.

The RWS Superdome airgun pellet is suitable for spring-powered airguns but is also successfully used in hunting airguns that use pre-charged air cylinders.

RWS Superpoint Extra
RWS Field Line range: the RWS Superpoint Extra airgun pellet


The 0.53 g RWS Superpoint Extra is a medium-weight, smooth bodied airgun pellet with a conical head shape. 

As a result, it achieves high penetration power. 

This makes it a very popular airgun pellet for hunting. The optimized weight distribution ensures high precision.

RWS Super Field 
RWS Field Line range: the RWS Super Field airgun pellet


The RWS Super Field is a medium-weight airgun pellet with a round head, which can be specifically used with pre-charged pneumatic airguns. 

It is very accurate, powerful and achieves high penetration power.

For this reason, it is ideally suited for field target shooting and use in hunting airguns.

RWS Power Ball
RWS Field Line range: the RWS Power Ball airgun pellet


The RWS Power Ball is the first choice for hunting small animals (varmints) with a small-calibre air rifle or for sporting silhouette shooting. 

The main advantage of this construction is the high penetration effect in the target. 


RWS Supermag
RWS Field Line range: the RWS Supermag airgun pellet


The extra-heavy 0.60 RWS Supermag, featuring a wadcutter form factor clearly distinguishes itself from all the rest of the RWS airgun pellets due to its higher pellet weight. 

It is especially suitable for shooting with powerful airguns. It ensures tight groups and perfectly round paper cuts in target shooting, and is also suited for hunting varmints.

RWS Field Line range: the RWS Power Piercing airgun pellet


The 0.89 g heavy RWS Power Piercing airgun pellet in 5.5mm caliber stands out due to its high energy release in the target. Its special shape makes the difference. 

Considering its specifications, it is perfectly suitable both for hunting varmints, and at the same time for sporting silhouette shooting.

RWS Super-H-Point
RWS Field Line range: the RWS Super-H-Point airgun pellet


The RWS Super-H-Point airgun pellet is a smooth bodied hunting diabolo pellet featuring a hollow point. 

Due to its high deformation specs and its higher weight (0.92 g), it guarantees even higher penetration power and maximum shock effect on the game.  

The RWS Super-H-Point 0.92 g is perfectly suitable for hunting airguns and is available in the 5.5mm caliber.

The RWS Field Kit is available from any well-stocked guns  and ammunition dealer. The RWS Field Kit in 4.5mm (.177) caliber is available for 18.90 Euro, while the 5.5mm (.22) caliber is available for 14.90 Euros (prices are recommended retail prices).

For further information about the airgun pellets visit the RWS website

There is also a combo-pack with different bullets for rifle cartridges in different calibers of RWS available: RWS Performance Test Pack.

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