RWS .22 Hornet TMS 3,0g: important safety information and precautionary recall

Despite every precautionary measure taken in the production of our RWS® centerfire rifle cartridges, in rare instances certain defects in manufacturing may occur that are not immediately identified. In individual cases, the lot number specified above does not conform to the usual high standards of quality and performance at RWS® with respect to the loading of the rounds, which can result in interior-ballistic malfunctions. Because we take our responsibilities as a manufacturer of brand items seriously, we are instituting a precautionary recall in order to prevent any potential personal injury or damage to weapons. The recall pertains to: 


RWS® .22 Hornet TMS 3.0g – Lot number 67 QG – Article Number: 211 63 75 

Please check your stock of cartridges for the lot number specified above and hand the cartridges to your dealer, who will of course immediately give you replacements free of charge. This only pertains to lot number 67 QG caliber .22 Hornet TMS, which you will find stamped into the top of the box.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to call us at: +49 911 7930-202.

We hope you will understand the necessity of taking this step and deeply regret any inconvenience it may cause.

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