New Lapua Biathlon Extreme ammunition

Biathlon is a very demanding winter sports discipline, which sees the athletes struggling in exhausting pursuits on cross-country skiing tracks interspersed with shooting sessions with .22 LR rifles. Athletes, weapons and ammunition in this sport must face extreme climatic conditions, inherent in the very nature of the discipline. 

And as for all forms of shooting competitions, even a single shot can make the difference between stepping up to podium and being defeated. Therefore, the choice of weapons and ammunition suitable to operate in cold temperatures is essential to successfully tackle a competition.

Lapua Biathlon Extreme: no fear of cold

For the development of this cartridge the Lapua technicians alternated between the ballistic laboratory and snow-covered shooting fields, in order to obtain a .22 Long Rifle caliber cartridge that was absolutely reliable. The two extreme conditions that a cartridge must face are the cold and the excitement of the shooter, who arrives at the shooting range after facing a cross-country skiing route.

The new cartridges use a special propellant, designed to be totally insensitive to frost. The shape of the bullet nose has been carefully designed for easy chambering while guaranteeing maximum precision. In addition, the new 40-grain bullet does not require any kind of greasing that could be a source of problems at low temperatures.

Moreover, the new 40 gr bullet needs no greasing at all - grease can cause trouble at low temperature. 

The muzzle velocity of the Lapua Biathlon Extreme cartridge is 1106 fps equal to 337 meters per second. The cartridge is already available in 50-piece boxes.

Lapua Biathlon Extreme: technical data

.22 Long Rifle
Ball weight:40 grain



1106 fps (337 m/s)

109 ft.-lbs.

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