Hornady news products : ammunition and reloading tools

In addition to the new 6.5 Precision Rifle Cartridge (PRC) caliber, at Enforce Tac 2018 Hornady showcased many new products, ranging from cartridges to reloading tools. Let's take a look at them.

New ammunition for authorities, police and military from Hornady

Hornady introduces its new "Subsonic Ammunition" line with a load that will launch a subsonic 190 grains Sub-X projectile in the popular .300 Blackout / Whisper caliber. The bullet safely expands even at slow subsonic speeds, meeting or even exceeding the FBI protocol requirements (that take in account various target materials such as car steel sheets, glass, etc.). 

Hornady Critical Defense ammunition
The popular Hornady Critical Defense ammo line is now available for the first time in rifle calibers, starting of course with the .223 Rem. and .308 Win.

The popular "Critical Defense" ammunition series with the patented Flex Tip bullet for guaranteed expansion in the target with reduced risk of overpenetration – even from short ranges and at relatively low speeds – is now supplemented for the first time by rifle calibers. Starting with .223 Rem./55 grains FTX, .223 Rem./73 grains FTX (for 1-8" and faster twist rates) and .308 Win./155 grains FTX).

A new ammunition line – manufactured according to military specs in the USA as the "Frontier" cartridge line – with brass cases and boxer primers in addition to Hornady bullets, is to have a particularly good value for money and is only available in .223 Remington / 5,56x45 mm NATO rifle caliber in the following loads:

• .223 Rem 55 gr. FMJ

• .223 Rem 55 gr. Spire Point

• .223 Rem 55 gr. Hollow Point Match

• .223 Rem 68 gr. BTHP Match

• 5.56 NATO 55 gr. FMJ M193

• 5.56 NATO 55 gr. Hollow Point Match

• 5.56 NATO 62 gr. FMJ

• 5.56 NATO 62 gr. Spire Point

• 5.56 NATO 62 gr. BTHP Match

• 5.56 NATO 68 gr. BTHP Match

• 5.56 NATO 75 gr. BTHP Match

The new Frontier "Military Grade" ammunition from Hornady 
The new Frontier "Military Grade" ammunition is available in .223 Rem. and 5.56x45 mm NATO in 11 loads with bullet weights ranging from 55 to 75 grains.

Caliber extensions for Hornady hunting ammunition and sports ammunition

Many other existing ammunition series were further expanded too. In the Precision Hunter series featuring the first-class ELD-X hunting bullet with extremely high ballistic coefficients (BC) the new products are:

• 6mm Creedmoor 103 gr. ELD-X

• 25-06 Rem 110 gr. ELD-X

• 257 Wby Mag 110 gr. ELD-X

• 6.5 PRC 143 gr. ELD-X

• 270 WSM 145 gr. ELD-X

• 280 Ackley Improved 162 gr. ELD-X

• 7mm WSM 162 gr. ELD-X

• 338 Win Mag 230 gr. ELD-X

• 338 Lapua Mag 270 gr. ELD-X

The "Dangerous Game" hunting ammunition for thick-skinned game was supplemented with 15 new loads. The cartridges are fitted with the enhanced DGX Bonded bullet, which has a copper-clad, heavy-duty steel jacket connected to the lead core for controlled expansion in the target with medium and high bullet weight.

• 9.3X74R 300 gr. DGS

• 375 H&H Mag 300 gr. DGX Bonded

• 375 Ruger 300 gr. DGX Bonded

• 450-400 Nitro Express 3" 400 gr. DGX Bonded

• 404 Jeffery 400 gr. DGX Bonded

• 416 Ruger 400 gr. DGX Bonded

• 416 Rem 400 gr. DGX Bonded

• 416 Rigby 400 gr. DGX Bonded

• 500-416 Nitro Express 400 gr. DGX Bonded

• 450 Rigby 480 gr. DGX Bonded

• 450 Nitro Express 31⁄4" 480 gr. DGX Bonded

• 458 Win 500 gr. DGX Bonded

• 458 Lott 500 gr. DGX Bonded

• 470 Nitro Express 500 gr. DGX Bonded

• 500 Nitro Express 3" 570 gr. DGX Bonded

The Hornady DGX Bonded bullet is also available in various caliber/weight combinations from .375 / 300 grto .50 / 570 gr 

The Hornady Superformance line, which is always around 30 to 60 m/s faster than conventional ammo in all calibers, has been expanded to include the following ELD Match bullets:

• 223 Rem 73 gr ELD Match (standard magazine length, 1-8" twist rate or faster)

• 5.56 NATO 73 gr ELD Match (standard magazine length, 1-8" twist rate or faster)

New Hornady accessories and reloading tools

Hornady also has something new to offer in the reloading tools sector.

The new "Rotary Tumbler" cleans and polishes brass cases until they shine in new splendor with steel pins and Hornady cleaning fluid. It holds up to about 5 lbs / 2,200 g of brass cases and is equipped with a digital timepiece and display. 

Hornady "Rotary Case Tumbler" case cleaner
The new Hornady "Rotary Case Tumbler" case cleaner.
Hornady reloading tool
The new Hornady "Rotary Media Sifter" Media Separator.

In addition, there is a new rotating media separator, the "Rotary Media Sifter", which separates the cases from tumbling media or cleaning liquids. Through the transparent lid, the cleaning processes can be monitored visually. 

Hornady powder dosing unit 
Hornady's new powder dosing unit.

Also new is the electronic powder dosing device (the "Vibratory Trickler"), which due to its modular design can be positioned wherever it is needed and can also be cleaned particularly easily and quickly. The device will work with all powder types and has high, low and variable trickling settings. 

Hornady's Lock-N-Load Impact Bullet Puller.
Hornady's Lock-N-Load Impact Bullet Puller.

The ergonomically improved Lock-N-Load Impact Bullet Puller can be used with cartridges up to the size of a .338 Lapua Magnum and allows for the reloading of cartridges with various collet sizes ranging from .22 to .45 caliber. 

Also interesting is the "Quick-Detach-Universal-Mounting-Plate". This is a mounting base with quick-release cam locks and a pre-drilled plate for holding various Hornady presses and tools, which ensures better organization in the loading workshop. 

Mounting plate for loading presses 
The mounting plate for loading presses and other tools from Hornady.

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